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Is your dog scared of fireworks? Ford has developed a kennel with noise cancellation

Ford dog kennel

As the clock strikes twelve on New Year’s Day, everybody will be celebrating with loads of fireworks in the sky. Unfortunately, many animals especially dogs are afraid of loud noises. 

To keep our furry friends safe during the occasion, Ford has designed a special dog kennel that incorporates one of its car technologies to reduce noise. 

Apparently, almost 50% of dogs in the UK have shown signs of fear when they hear fireworks. To solve this problem, Ford came out with a kennel with active noise-canceling, a feature that’s commonly found in headphones to block ambient noise.

This same technology is also found on their Ford Edge SUV. It has microphones that pick up noise from the engine and transmission, and it cancels them out in with opposing sound waves through the car’s audio system. As a result, you’ll get lower noise in the vehicle.

For the dog kennel, it has an external mic that detects the sound of fireworks and there’s a built-in audio system inside which emits opposing frequencies to reduce the level of noise significantly.

The kennel itself is ventilated and it uses high-density cork as a sound insulator. It even comes with a sliding door and anti-vibration block risers to help the dogs feel safe.

At the moment, this Ford dog kennel isn’t available for sale. This is just a concept by Ford to showcase its automotive innovations that could solve everyday problems. 

Alexander Wong