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You can now get car insurance at Digi Stores nationwide, but this is not your typical car insurance

Digi is offering a car insurance that monitors how you drive and rewards you for being a safe driver.

Aside from mobile plans and smartphones, you can now also get car insurance at Digi Stores but don’t expect this to be your normal car insurance because it’s not. It’s a car insurance that monitors how you drive and rewards you for being a safe driver.

The AXA FlexiDrive car insurance works by monitoring your driving habits using a special monitoring device that’s installed in your car. You can view your driving data via the AXA FlexiDrive app. The app also lets you check other vehicle parameters like battery status, mileage, ignition status among other things.

The thinking is, by offering discounts for safe driving habits, drivers are incentivised to be safer on the road. Because you are aware that you are constantly being monitored you automatically become a safer driver – at least in theory.

Safe drivers get up to 20% discount on their next car insurance renewal with AXA. In addition, the telematics device provides added features like automatically alerting relevant parties if you get into an accident and 24/7 vehicle security and theft recovery at no additional premium.

If you’re interested, you can head over to a Digi Store anywhere in Malaysia to register for the service. After you’ve registered, AXA will get in touch with you to arrange for the telematics device to be installed in your car. Installation is free of charge but there’s refundable deposit of RM70.

If you want to, you also have the option to activate the CSE Smart Track Security feature for only RM240 per year. This optional feature offers real-time GPS and GNSS vehicle tracking, remote car alarm using your smartphone, trip review and accident compensation up to RM2,000.

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Having said that, you can actually get the AXA FlexiDrive telematics motor insurance directly from AXA or other resellers and the benefits are the same as you would if you get the insurance from a Digi Store. You don’t actually get any extra goodies by being a Digi customer so where not sure what’s the point of this partnership but hey, least it’s a start.

To know more about the AXA FlexiDrive telematics motor insurance, click here. Information about CSE Smart Track, here.