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YouTube Rewind 2018 is the most disliked video of all time

YouTube Rewind 2018

Every year, YouTube releases a Rewind video as a recap of the top trends of the year. It features the top YouTubers and the video usually gets hundreds of millions of views. 

For 2018, YouTube had decided to do things differently and it turns out to be the most disliked video on the platform of all time. 

At the time of writing, the YouTube Rewind 2018 video has gotten more than 126 million views and there are currently more than 11 million dislikes. It overtook the previous record holder, Justin Bieber’s Baby, which had received 9.8 million dislikes but at least, Justin’s music video had gotten more thumbs up with 10 million likes. The Rewind 2018 video had only received 2.1 million likes which gives it a dislike ratio of almost 84%

Because of the sheer negativity the video received, featured YouTubers such as MKBHD and Casey Neistat had released their own videos to explain what went wrong. 

What do you think of YouTube Rewind 2018? Does it deserve to get such much hate? Let us know in the comments below. 


Alexander Wong