TM is announcing something this Thursday. What could it be?

Unifi Mobile 13 December

TM has hinted that something new is coming this Thursday, 13 December via its social media account. 

Is TM offering free sunglasses? Or could this be a new solution for Streamyx customers which TM and Gobind Singh had discussed recently?

The teaser doesn’t say much except that good news is coming your way. At the moment, the biggest issue at hand is Streamyx customers who can’t get upgraded and are still paying high subscription fees for slow single-digit broadband speeds.

Since the teaser image has a Unifi Mobile logo, it is possible that TM might offer a cheaper 4G LTE wireless broadband plan with unlimited data. At the moment, they are offering 60GB for RM79/month, which is similar to Unifi’s entry-level 30Mbps Fibre Broadband Plan. Unlike their fibre and Streamyx broadband solutions, the wireless router is sold without a contract with a subsidised price of RM565. 

If that’s not what they are launching, it could be another affordable mobile plan. Perhaps it could be a permanent monthly unlimited plan for #BEBAS prepaid or a cheaper postpaid plan with unlimited data.

We do know that Unifi will be revealing a special 12.12 promo for #BEBAS plan customers. But this is a different thing and you can probably expect discounted offers for its add-on packages. 

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These are just our guesses at the moment and all will be revealed this coming Thursday. What do you think TM is launching for Unifi Mobile? Let us know in the comments below.

Alexander Wong