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Updated: A number of Maxis customers are facing issues with mobile data connectivity

UPDATE 3: At 8.06am today, Maxis has updated that their services are fully restored. If you can’t connect to the internet, you are advised to restart your device. Below is their statement:

Some of our customers may have experienced network issues earlier, which was due to a technical fault. We would like to inform that services have now been fully restored. Nonetheless, we are continuing to monitor the situation to ensure stability. For those who are still not able to connect to the Internet, please restart your phone or make sure your mobile data is turned on to connect to your data. We would like to apologise for the inconvenience caused to our affected customers.

UPDATE 2: Maxis is having service outage in several areas nationwide and they have issued the following statement:

We are currently experiencing service outage in several areas nationwide. Our engineers are working to resolve this now. We have observed gradual restoration of service in some areas and will provide further updates as soon as possible. We apologise for the inconvenience.

UPDATE: We are able to connect to Maxis mobile data as of 1:10 am this morning (11 December 2018). At the time of writing, no announcement has been made by Maxis to clarify on the matter. From what we can gather the mobile data outage lasted for approximately a little over an hour. We will update this post if any new information becomes available. 


It appears that there is a problem with the Maxis mobile network at the moment. We noticed that there was a problem with four different Maxis lines that we have on hand since around midnight tonight. We are able to get full network strength but not able to get any mobile data connectivity at all.

It is not clear as to how many customers are affected by the issue but a quick check on Twitter reveals that a high number of Maxis users are facing similar issues and are their experience on the platform using the hashtag #maxis.

From what we can tell the issue is affecting data connectivity but there are others who say that they are facing problems with dropped calls as well.

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As of the time of writing, Maxis has not made any announcement on the matter. We are following the developments and are attempting to reach out to a Maxis representative for clarification on the matter. We will continue to update the story as information becomes available.