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Xiaomi teases what could be the world’s first 48MP camera smartphone. Hints to 2019 launch

Xiaomi teases what could be the world's first 48MP camera smartphone. The device is set to make its debut in January 2019.

Source:  Weibo

Xiaomi is set to kick off 2019 with a new device that features a 48MP camera. Xiaomi’s president, Lin Bin clued fans in on the existence of the device in a posting on Weibo while Xiaomi’s Global spokesperson and Director of Product Management, Donovan Sung, posted the same image on Twitter.

Xiaomi president Lin Bin teased a sneak peek of the purported device on Weibo. He didn’t provide any hard details but he did mention that the company intends to launch the device in January 2019. 

The teaser image shows what looks to be the back panel of a phone with “48MP camera” written on it next to a flash module and a camera protruding camera next to that. The device is also rumoured to have either a triple or dual camera setup while the back panel of the phone appears to be made out of glass.

If the information is correct, Xiaomi could be the first phone manufacturer to launch a device with a 48MP camera sensor. According to sources, the  mysterious Xiaomi device could come with either the Sony IMX586 or the Samsung GM148MP sensor.

For now, Nokia holds the current record with its 41MP Lumia 1020, while the Huawei P20 Pro and Mate 20 Pro both feature 40MP primary sensors.

Will this actually be the Xiaomi Mi 9? Or will it be a completely different handset from the company? And will this smartphone be the first to carry Qualcomm’s latest processor – the Snapdragon 855? That will remain a mystery until the day Xiaomi officially announced the device.

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