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Vivo NEX 2 might come with dual-displays

vivo NEX 2

The Vivo NEX is one of the first smartphones to offer a full-screen experience with a motorised pop-up selfie camera. For the upcoming Vivo NEX 2, it appears that vivo will be solving the front camera conundrum with a similar approach as the Nubia X

The new flagship smartphone could feature two displays and you’ll probably need to turn to the rear if you plan on taking selfies. 

Vivo has shared a couple of teaser videos for the NEX 2. It touches on camera, display and some icon which we don’t understand. The first teaser show 3 camera-like objects which could hint a triple-camera setup. 

What’s interesting is the teaser on the display. On one side, you get a full edge to edge display and interestingly there’s another side that features another display that has a thick forehead and chin. 

There’s also a weird circular element at the top which could be a bump to house the rear cameras. Of course, there’s a chance that the actual product might be different from what was shown in the video. After all, it’s still a CGI-ed teaser video. 

At the moment, there are no details of the specs but Vivo could be launching the NEX 2 on 11 December. Word has it that the NEX 2 might come with up to 10GB RAM and with 128GB of storage. 


Alexander Wong