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Samsung Galaxy Note9 has an intelligent dual-camera that works like a human eye

This post is brought to you by Samsung Malaysia.

The Samsung Galaxy Note9 is a revolutionary dual-camera setup that’s designed to give you the best shot in any situation. Whether it is challenging low light scenes or trying to get up close, the Galaxy Note9 has your back.

Dual Aperture for any situation

A camera’s aperture determines how much light that goes through a lens like an eye’s pupil. Unlike most smartphones that has one aperture, the Galaxy Note9 has a one of a kind variable aperture feature that allows you to switch between f/1.5 and f/2.4.

During bright and sunny situations, it uses f/2.4. The opening is smaller since it doesn’t need that much light and your image will appear sharper.

In low light, the Galaxy Note9 switches to f/1.5 which has a bigger opening. This allows more light to pass through for brighter and clearer photos. This is similar to the pupil in the human eye where it enlarges in the dark.

2X Optical Zoom with OIS

To get closer to the action. The secondary 12MP camera has 2X optical zoom. This can be activated by tapping on the 2X icon or by simply dragging the shutter button to zoom in. If you don’t have steady hands, not to worry. The Galaxy Note 9 has optical image stabilisation for both lenses so you can still get sharper images for both situations.

Scene Optimiser

For that extra boost of colour, the Galaxy Note9 has built-in Scene Optimiser. It works automatically whether it’s food, pets, plants or clear blue sky. With this scene recognition technology, the Galaxy Note9 can intelligently tweak your photos so that it looks more vibrant, without looking overly unnatural.

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Quickly launch your camera with this shortcut

Here’s a tip: You can also double press the Galaxy Note9’s power button even in sleep mode, to activate the camera instantly.

The Galaxy Note9 is the perfect tool to capture all of your precious moments. It has a unique variable aperture that’s assisted with optical image stabilisation and it’s also intelligent enough to make your images pop without additional editing.

At the moment, the Galaxy Note9 retails at RM3,699 for the 128GB version and RM4,599. From now until 31st December, you can get it with a RM400 instant rebate.

For something more unique, the Galaxy Note9 is now available in Lavender Purple. For a limited time promo, Samsung is bundling a free 512GB microSD card, which gives you a total of 1TB of storage in your hands. You can learn more on Samsung’s website.