Nike honors the original Playstation with these stunning pair of sneaks

Whether you’re a sneaker head or a Playstation fan, you’ll want these shoes and if you’re a fan of both, you’ll want theme even more. Nike’s newest limited edition sneakers pay a stunning tribute to the big daddy of gaming consoles, the original Playstation.

The Playstation-themed sneakers are desgined for NBA superstar Paul George and is based on the PG 2.5 line. While this is the not Nike’s first pair of sneakers that honors the Playstation, it certainly, is the best looking one.

As you can see, the predominant gray colour harks back to the same colour as the first PlayStation console and boy do they look good on a pair of Nikes. The details are delicious too with the original “PS” logo on the left tongue and a tasteful pepering of the circle, triangle, square and cross design elements taken from Playstation’s controller buttons. The best part, the PlayStation logo lights up (the PG logo lights up too)!

But take note that the batteries that power the lights are not replaceable and apparently have a life span of about 150 hours. So if you’re lucky enough to be able to own a pair of these babies, remember to use the lights sparingly.

Like I mentioned earlier, these Nikes are a limited edition run. That means, these are going to be hard to get. The PlayStation PG2s, for instance, sold out in minutes and I’m not even sure if Nike is going to allocate any for the Malaysian market. But if you’re curious the pair will set you back US$110 (which is approximately RM460 at today’s exchange rates). The pair will drop in the US on December 1st.

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