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200 million people play Fortnite, that’s about 6 times the population of Malaysia

Epic Game’s popular battle royale game Fortnite has crossed the 200 million registered players mark, according to Bloomberg. In June, Epic announced the game had 125 million registered users.

To put that number into perspective, 200 million people is equivalent to six times the population in Malaysia. If Fortnite is a country, the game would be on the top ten list of the most populated countries on the planet.

However, not all of the players are active in this game. Epic says that they’ve recently hit a record of 8.3 million players that play Fortnite on a dail basis while the others only occasionally play the game. In January, Fortnite had 40 million players according to Epic.

Fortnite’s success can be attributed to a number of different reasons. For one, the game is totally free to play, so the barrier to entry is a game machine – be it on your smartphone, PC or gaming console you are still able to play Fortnite with it – and a good internet connection. This makes the game significantly more accessible than other multiplayer games such as Call of Duty.

Besides that, the game is cross platform, which means that Xbox and PlayStation players are able to compete against each other despite using different consoles. And of course, the game itself is addictive.