Get three months Spotify Premium subscription for RM2

If you always wanted to sign up for Spotify premium but are not willing to spend the money, well I have good news for you. In conjunction with the upcoming year-end festive season, Spotify is offering three months of its premium subscription service for only RM2, all in. To give some perspective, the normal monthly Spotify premium is RM14.90, that’s a savings of (14.90×3-2) RM42.70, but there are a few things you need to know. 

First The offer is for new Spotify premium users only. If you’re already on Spotify premium, this deal is not for you. Secondly, you pay RM2 for the first three months after that, the subscription reverts back to its normal price of RM14.90 per month once the 3-months period is over which will be charged automatically to your account. If you decide that you do not want to continue with your Spotify premium subscription, you will have to cancel your subscription by logging into your Spotify account. Otherwise, you will automatically be charged monthly at RM14.90 per month. And finally, the promotion is for users who sign up for Spotify premium between 16th of November to 31st of December.

Worth noting that there’s no mobile payment option for the Spotify RM2 for three months offer. That means you’ll have to make payment via your credit card or debit card instead of through your mobile operator. Also, payment via Spotify prepaid cards and Spotify gift cards are not accepted for this offer.

For Spotify premium subscribers who have cancelled their Spotify premium subscription before 16th October 2018, Spotify is offering three months Spotify premium for the price of one month’s subscription: RM14.90 when you resubscribe.

For more information on the RM2 for three months offer click here. For info on the RM14,90 for three months for existing subscribers, click here