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Maxis Fibre Broadband customers are experiencing slow connectivity nationwide

Maxis fibre slow

UPDATE: TM’s services including TM Wholesale utilised by Maxis are fully restored at 6AM on Monday.

Are you experiencing slow internet with your Maxis fibre broadband? You’re not alone. It appears that Maxis is having a slow connectivity issue which affects customers nationwide. 

A number of customers including myself are experiencing sluggish internet on their fibre network since this morning. I’m on their 30Mbps plan and I’m still struggling to get more than 3Mbps for downloads. Interestingly, upload speed appears to be unaffected as I could get more than 30Mbps on their speedtest as shown below. 

When we reached out to Maxis’ customer support, they have informed us that they are aware of the problem and are aiming to solve the issue by this evening. Are you affected? Let us know in the comments below. 

Alexander Wong