MCMC issues warning to Astro and Aliff Syukri after insensitive comment on live TV strikes a chord with Malaysians

Picture: The Star 

Controversial cosmetic millionaire Datuk Seri Aliff Syukri has been heavily criticised by netizens after openly making some very offensive remarks about someone’s appearance on live TV. The socialite’s stunt has struck a chord among Malaysians and many have made their opinions heard, now the collective voice is loud enough that the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commision (MCMC) had to step in conducting an investigation on the incident.

In a statement, MCMC said that it had concluded an investigation on the matter. Astro had a meeting with the commision to explain how the incident was allowed to happen on live TV as well as what preventive and corrective measures it has taken to stop similar incidences from happening again. MCMC also issued a warning to Astro to ensure such a thing will not happen again and that as a Content Applications Service Provider Astro must abide by the terms and conditions set as well as the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Content Code.

If you missed what happened, the incident took place during a live telecast of the popular TV show Gegar Vaganza on the 4th of November where host Aliff Syukri made some very scathing and racist remarks on skin colour and beauty. 

In the show he was seen walking among the audience while saying (his quote in verbatim here so please excuse the grammar): “Today, I want choose the ugly women in this consert lah”

He continues: “kalau pergi gegarvaganza, kalau muka hodoh-hodoh, muka macam pecah rumah kan…kita kena cantikan”. Translation:”if you’re attending Gegar Verganza and your face is hideous, we have to make it beautiful”

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He then picks a lady from the crowd and proceeds to apply what we can assume is foundation presumably from is own cosmetic brand. As he was doing that, he said: “akak nanti saya bagi duit kak ye”. Translation: “I will give you money for this”.

It doesn’t stop there, he continues on: “lepas ni hantaran kau daripada dua ribu, kau pakai foundation aku hantaran kau jadi 20 ribu terus“. Translation: “before this, your dowry is is two thousand (ringgit), you use my foundation, your dowry will be twenty thousand (ringgit)”. 

You can check out the video below:

In another segment in the same particular show, Alif Syukri said: “nanti kau dapat anak, mesti putih melepak, jangan jadi macam Santesh”. Translation: “when you get a child, the child will be fair, don’t be like Santesh”. He was referring to Santesh, an Indian singer famous for his song Amalina.

Santesh was also a part of the show. Santesh has since said that he and his label is not happy with what Aliff said and have brought the matter up to his lawyers

Shortly after the video went viral, well known local YouTuber Arwind Kumar has documented his reaction towards the video and it has been spreading on social media ever since.

In response, Aliff Syukri published a 48-second video to give his side of the story, in which he said the word “ugly” that he used was “tak sengaja” or unintentional.