Facebook CEO reportedly told staff not to use iPhones

Facebook is having some rough times when it comes to privacy. After it was criticised by Apple CEO Tim Cook, it appears that the management at Facebook isn’t taking Cook’s remarks too lightly. As a result, it was reported that Mark Zuckerberg had ordered his top execs at Facebook to use only Android phones. If it’s true, that means no more iPhones allowed at work. 

Apparently, what triggered this was Tim Cook’s response to the Cambridge Analytica issue. In an interview, Tim Cook insinuates that Facebook is trafficking your personal life while emphasising that privacy, to Apple, is a human right and a civil liberty.   

When Tim Cook was asked what he would do if he was Mark Zuckerberg, he simply replied “I wouldn’t be in this situation.”

According to The Verge, some Facebook executives are still using iPhones based on their Twitter updates. While there are more users on Android compared to iOS worldwide, Facebook tends to release better features on their iOS app first. It isn’t clear if the alleged direction from Zuckerberg has an impact on Facebook’s app development moving forward.

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Alexander Wong