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Digi’s PhoneFreedom 365 plan for iPhone XS is misleading

UPDATE: Digi issued a statement with regards to the misleading information presented in their PhoneFreedom 365 plan for the iPhone XS. We’re publishing the statement here in verbatim to share Digi’s clarification on the matter.

With reference to the recent press release on PhoneFreedom 365, we regret that the info on Digi Shield was not clearly presented. To clarify, Digi Shield is an optional add-on for PhoneFreedom 365. There are two types of protection – ScreenCrack, and Full Coverage (which covers accidental damage/liquid damage and attended theft). Prices differ based on device price. Those interested can learn more at

While Digi may regret the misrepresentation of the information on device protection for their PhoneFreedom 365 plan, it is not an oversight. Digi can make it very clear that customers have to pay extra for device protection but they didn’t. It’s not mentioned anywhere on the website for the plan nor is it mentioned in the plan FAQ. We hope that Digi will update their marketing and communications materials accordingly.

UPDATE 2: Digi has updated their PhoneFreedom 365 promo page which now indicates that 365 Phone Protection via Digi Shield is optional. The FAQ is also updated to reflect this as well.


When Digi introduced PhoneFreedom 365 with the iPhone XS, it promises to be the best device ownership programme designed to give you total freedom. Unfortunately, we just found out that Digi isn’t as truthful when it comes to promoting this new instalment program.

As written on Digi’s website, everyone (with an Asterisk highlighting it’s only for eligible Digi Postpaid customers) can own the iPhone XS with RM0 upfront payment, 0% interest fee, free phone upgrade and with 365 Phone protection. The phone protection was highlighted twice on the front page as well as on the iPhone XS promo page.

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From the looks of it, Digi is offering worldwide device damage and theft protection with the monthly instalment. There’s no indication that there’s an add-on fee and even the FAQ states the following:

When we posted the PhoneFreedom 365 plan last week, a couple of readers have commented that Digi charges extra if you want the extra device protection. We’ve called Digi’s customer care hotline twice and both representatives have confirmed to us that you’ll have to fork out extra for either basic and full protection.

We are told over the phone that there are two types of protection – Basic and Full. Below is how much you’ll need to pay depending on the price of the device:

Basic Screen Protection
Up to RM1,000 – RM29 (one time)
Between RM1,001 to RM3,000 – RM89 (one time)
Between RM3,001 to RM6,000 – RM229 (one time)
Between RM6,001 to RM8,000 – RM269 (one time)

Full Protection
Up to RM1,000 – RM9 (monthly)
Between RM1,001 to RM3,000 – RM19 (monthly)
Between RM3,001 to RM6,000 – RM39 (monthly)
Between RM6,001 to RM8,000 – RM49 (monthly)

The way Digi promoted this program is very misleading and they should have made it clear that the device protection is not bundled for free. At the very least, they could have added a table highlighting what’s included and how much extra customers would need to pay to get Digi Shield. Most Malaysian are often sceptical when it comes to telco promotions and such tactics will undermine consumers’ trust. Why can’t Digi be more transparent to its customers?

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As a comparison, the Maxis Zerolution 360 program does come with basic protection which provides you with 1 to 1 replacement along with pick up and delivery service. On top of that, they have also made it clear that premium coverage is available at RM10/month.

What do you guys think? Let us know in the comments below.

UPDATE 2: Digi has updated their PhoneFreedom 365 page to indicate that Phone Protection is not included and you can purchase it as an add-on with Digi Shield.

Alexander Wong