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ookyo now offers 8GB data with unlimited usage for 4 apps at only RM30/month

ookyo, Maxis’ digital sub-brand has bumped up its high-speed data offering from 5GB to 8GB. This is offered as part of its year-end promo and you still get to enjoy unlimited usage for four of your favourite apps.

As usual, ookyo subscription costs RM30/month and you get to choose your preferred four apps for unlimited usage. This can include your favourite games, social media applications and even YouTube. If you need to use other apps, you can purchase individual unlimited passes from RM3/app per month or simply use the bundled 8GB of high-speed data. Once your data is completed, there’s also 500MB of (throttled) basic internet.

All unlimited app access is offered at high-speeds except for YouTube which is capped at 480p. If you want to stream in full quality, there’s an unlimited high-speed YouTube pass at RM1 per hour.

For the optimal experience, ookyo still requires a VPN (built-in with ookyo app) to be enabled in order to enjoy the unlimited app usage and this only works for Android for now. You can still use it without VPN (e.g. on iPhone) but you only get to utilise the normal 8GB high-speed quota without the unlimited perks. According to ookyo, the 8GB data promo is applicable for sign ups and renewals made between 11 October to 31 December 2018.

ookyo is a hybrid mobile plan and you’re recommended to sign up with your credit or debit card for auto-renewal. This is similar to subscribing to a digital service like Spotify or Netflix. There’s also an option to renew manually via online banking. Ookyo has no contract and everything from account management to customer service is managed fully from the ookyo app. You can read our previous post on ookyo or check out ookyo’s website.

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Alexander Wong