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Dyson’s new hair-styling tool uses the power of Coanda to save your hair from damage

Hair styling tools that apply heat directly to your hair, such as curling irons and straighteners can make your hair coarse and dry. The direct heat dry out your hair, making it more vulnerable to split ends and breakage. Dyson thinks this is a big enough of an issue that they’ve developed a product to specifically solve the problem. The Dyson Airwrap is a hair-styling tool that uses the principles of aerodynamics to style your hair while at the same avoiding the need to apply heat directly to the hair.

The Airwrap is powered by the same motor as the one used in the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer that spins up to 110,000rpm. The motor creates a strong stream of air that is then flowed through specifically designed vents to create what is known as the Coanda effect, according to the Dyson press material (and we looked it up and it is an actual thing). This effect occurs when a high-speed jet of air flows across a surface and, due to differences in air pressure, the air flow attaches itself to the surface. Essentially the Airwrap blows out air that grabs your hair and wraps it around the styler. 

The Dyson Airwrap styler comes in three different variants with specific attachments that are designed for different hair types and desired looks in mind. Each variant comes with a pre-styling dryer that houses the motor and control. The dryer dries your hair to the ideal moisture level. There are also the various other attachments, a soft smoothing brush to add volume for people who have fine hair, a firm smoothing brush to straighten frizzy, curly hair and an assortment of Airwrap barrels. The Airwrap barrels come in two sizes — a 30mm version and a 40mm version. The 30mm barrel allows you to create voluminous curls or waves for most hair types while the 40mm barrel helps you to create curls or waves for people who have thicker hair. Finally, there’s also a round volumizing brush to create volume and shape.

There’s a lot of very serious science going on with the Airwrap but this no-compromises approach to solving real-world problems that Dyson is so good at comes at a price, literally. The Airwrap start from RM1,999 and if you want all the attachments, you will have to shell out a whopping RM2,199 for Airwrap complete.

Here’s the breakdown of the Airwrap variants available currently:

Dyson Airwrap Complete (RM2,199) – Pre-styling dryer, 2X30mm barrels, 2X40mm barrels, Firm brush, Soft brush, Round Brush and the Dyson Airwrap styler

Dyson Airwrap Volume + Shape (RM1,999)-  Pre-styling dryer, 2X30mm barrels, Soft brush, Round Brush and the Dyson Airwrap styler

Dyson Airwrap Smooth + Control (RM1,999)- Pre-styling dryer, 2X30mm barrels, 2X40mm barrels, Firm brush and the Dyson Airwrap styler

For those who are interested, you can place your orders at Dyson’s official website here, but at the time being, it is already sold out.