Huawei's Mate 20 Pro could very well have solved the battery dilemma |

Huawei’s Mate 20 Pro could very well have solved the battery dilemma

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It wasn’t that long ago when we had a conversation in the office about how smartphone makers always forced us to choose between having a large battery, or having really quick fast-charging. Even at the flagship-level, this choice was almost always being forced on us. And that wasn’t cool because if you’re going to be paying top dollar for a smartphone, it should have everything, right?

Well, it looks like Huawei thinks so too, because their latest flagship smartphone is the most convincing case in point I’ve seen, of a world where we don’t have to make that tough choice. A world where you can finally have your cake and eat it too.

Let it be known that I do acknowledge the fact that fast-charging has been a staple feature on flagship smartphones for a while now, even phones with relatively big batteries (3,500 mAh+). Qualcomm‘s Quick Charge and Samsung‘s Adaptive Fast Charging are two good examples of these forms of fast-charging, but they both work around the confines of a maximum output of about 18W (9V2A)

Then, you have OPPO and OnePlus, with their own form of fast charging. OPPO called it VOOC Flash Charging while OnePlus called theirs Dash Charging (or at least, they did), but we’ve always suspected that they were the same standards. Both operated at 5V and 4A, and this combination provides a power output of about 20W.

But the thing is, although these smartphones had really fast charging, most of them suffered from the big issue of having a small battery. The OnePlus 3 famously only packed a 3,000 mAh cell, and Samsung’s brave attempt at putting a sizable battery in their phone ended up in smoke.

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Comparatively, Huawei were a little late to the party. While they generally had pretty sizable batteries, they only started shipping fast-charging bricks with the company’s 2016 flagship, the P9 Plus, and even then it was only your standard 18W (9V2A) fast-charging brick. It wasn’t until the Mate 9 that we saw Huawei introduce their SuperCharge technology which also featured a low voltage, high amperage standard at 5V4.5A.

Now, Huawei’s pulling ahead of its competition. Not only do they have a new super-fast 40W fast-charging standard, they’ve also got the largest batteries among the top flagship smartphones. The Mate 20 Pro, for example, is packing a massive 4,200 mAh cell in a body that isn’t much bulkier than its competition. And with their new SuperCharge 2.0, you can charge that battery to 70% in just 30 minutes.

But Huawei weren’t done yet, they also upped the ante for wireless charging thanks to their new 15W wireless charger. For comparison, their competitors and Apple and Samsung only have 7.5W and 9W chargers respectively. In fact, Huawei says their wireless charger is even faster than the iPhone XS Max’s standard wired charger. Granted, Apple only bundles a sad 5V1A brick with their phones, but the point remains that Huawei’s wireless charging is really fast by today’s standards.

Oh, and did I mention the fact that the Mate 20 Pro can also wirelessly charge OTHER phones that support the Qi Wireless charging standard? No? Well, it does. That means the smartphone in your hand is also a wireless powerbank. Nuts.

I may not be the biggest Huawei fan, and I certainly have many reservations about the Mate 20 line of smartphones, but I have to give credit where credit is due — Huawei really knocked it out of the park here. On paper, it looks like the smartphone to beat when it comes to battery performance, and the new gold standard, while their competition are still faffing about trying to solve one problem or the other. Samsung, for example, haven’t updated their 9V2A Adaptive Fast Charging in years. And, while OPPO do have the highest output — 50W (10V5A) — with SuperVOOC on the Find X Lamborghini edition, that device only has a 3,400 mAh cell.

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Of course, I will admit that there are other factors that impact battery performance. Capacity definitely isn’t the be-all and end-all of a phone’s battery life. Software and OS optimisation plays a huge role in keeping your phone running for longer on a single charge and, in my experience, that’s something Huawei doesn’t have the best history with. But, the technical feat of being able to cram such a big battery into such a svelte body, while also giving it super fast fast-charging that is also safe, is definitely an impressive one.

So kudos, Huawei, you deserve this.

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30 Comments for Huawei’s Mate 20 Pro could very well have solved the battery dilemma


How come huawei battery doesn’t explode like samsung’s?


    Because they use china technology

    It is true

    but Samsung battery explosion is not fake news


We now know the writer did not study electronic. Combined power of 20W? LoL at the statement.


How about the SuperVOOC? It has an output power of 50W


    did u read the article? he did mentioned oppo 50 Watts charging.


Wow penjilat huawei nk mampos


Missed the era of smaller batteries and lighter phones.

Nokia 8850 830 mAh

Iphone 4 1420 MaH

Galazlxy S2 1650 mah

Hope one day 1,000 mAH battery can last one day and only weights 10 grams.


everything is good except the part that their face detection are being found to be easily fooled by german and might be too heavy for some people


    doesnt matter as it is just another gimmick to flatter droidiots, work or not like the near to perfect iphone face ID is another thing. lowlife tend to fall into fake hype and huawei know that clearly


    Even Apple's FaceID had this problem lol. I bet isheep dont think that as a fail


      ya make up story and link everything to apple, so to rationalize anything bad about android or huawei, typical lowlife always do that yawn


Lol lol lol typical soyacincau suckup to huawei


Wow…promote kaw kaw


Roryyyy, wanna talk about how people can easily bypass the china phone face recognition “security”?

Lol…copycat minus quality

Swan’s fan

LeL, LoL… lowlife people pretend smart and keep criticise huawei phone…. can not afford high price iphone with less feature and keep complain android low price with alot feature… poor u guy… now i agree with swan… katak really stay bottom.

Pocophone Promoter

“And that wasn’t cool because if you’re going to be paying top dollar for a smartphone, it should have everything, right ?”

How about something that priced moderately and literally have almost everything ?

[ Introducing Poco F1 ]


4500mAh or later will be more ideal.


Samsung’s Adaptive Fast Charging is 9V1.67A right?


But got to give credit btw..huawei camera pretty nice wo with nice battery also..other brand still below 4000mh camera also suck..this huawei also resolution also nice got oled some more..maybe i wan buy also but bot the normal one..the mate 20 pro seems nice.teheeee~~

Eddie Lau

Hi, Rory. This comment has nothing to do with this post.

However, I always wanted to tell you that, you are the best and knowledgeable tech guy (at least on mobile phones) in my recent memories.

You always provide information that is cool and fun to read, and you have no problem in front of cameras, too.

Please start a YouTube channel, if you haven’t had one.

Thank you.


    Actually I disagree with you.
    I think he is the poorest in the Soya line up.
    Can you quote example of how "knowledgable" is he?

    This whole piece of article, for example, is cooked up based on his very own opinion after reading the product spec. Knowledgable? how so?

    What he is consistently doing, is having fancy titles for his articles as click baits, and stir up discussions that are not very helpful.
    his video? one of the worst unboxing I had witness… it was so bad like watching a spoil brat throwing around his toy.

    But hey, if you like controversial, maybe he is the guy for you.
    I am here to read tech reviews, and he contribute very little in this area.

    infront of camera?, I think he has a face that's more suited for radio works….


      Personal attacks eh? Your mum made the right choice giving you your name.


        ***** is lightyears more civilised than you for not dragging anybody's mom into the comments.

      ugly truth

      Totally certainly definitely agreed for million years. especially the sensational titles like dailymail and metroll/kosmo tablaids.
      dont forget the amateur profanities used to pretend like he is so skilled and earned himself the permission to use such language in a public blog.


Huawei price tag more affordable compare to Samsung flagship but pack with full innovation.

I never used huawei but I really impress with them.

The basic mate 20 is only RM2799, and for sure subrand Honor will launch the phone with same kirin 980 but more affordable.

But Samsung, those midrange spec cikai cikai also price tag really high.

Nowadays, china brand is beating Samsung and Apple. Huawei, One plus, vivo and oppo well known and for the p20 pro is currently being proud in UK market.

The reversed wireless charging on the Mate 20 is really impressive. So it deserve to get credit and kudos. Like vivo introduce in display fingerprint, and the fullscreen no notch. Its pretty impressive, the china brand step further than Samsung and Apple.

While Samsung note 9, what the innovation to be credited? Nothing, the same design as note 8, only enhance a bit with bluetooth spen.

And last but not least, iphone Xs, no more innovation, and the Xr, 720p screen resolution in 2018, like seriously? Hahaha


    note 9 only rm2799 now, what are you talking?


    dont relate the word innovation with china, if you do youre stupid AF.


jilat, jangan tak jilat huawei


Huawei and chinese phones are more expensive than Samsung due to no rewards, cashback and rebates program.

If no rewards and benefits any phone is practically worthless (IMO) even with the highest possible specs at lowest possible price.

Huawei Mate 20 say they are offering RM10,000 worth of rewards for their VIP program and more details will be revealed later by them.

Samsung Pay Rewards gave more than RM1,200 guaranteed worth of redemption value for the first year. 2 years means RM2,400 worth of rebates that basically mean the phone is free and we’re profiting from using it.

They took this subsidy model to a whole new level while famous reviewers on Youtube still do that unprofessional Price vs Specs best bang for bucks comparison nonsense.

Now, if there’s a phone company willing to subsidize one year worth of Grab Promo code RM10 daily, RM3,650 yearly I will buy it without any hesitation even if it cost like a fruit phone and with this benefit alone it’ll make it worth more than a Poco / Realme.

Samsung and fintech companies are not only giving out frequent promo codes but also Starbucks, Movie E-tickets, Vouchers and etc.

It easily adds up and the value of the rebates will easily eclipse the cost of the phone itself.

As for western markets, nobody would want to buy a chinese phone unless it is subsidised by the telco and companies.

In USA you can get a standard iPhone for $199 with a 2 years telco contract. Monthly bill and phone line of course claim from company.

What happens after 2 years? Either keep the phone and pay another $199 and renew another 2 years contract OR

Trade in the old 2 years old iPhone for $199 and only renew the telco contract and get another few iPhone upgrade.

This is how iPhone can keep on closing easy sales due to telco subsidy.

Chinese phones sell their flagship for $300? $500? consider cheap?

Still more expensive than a free iphone from a telco plan.

Nobody sane would buy it only if they are jobless or really mobile enthuasiast.