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honor 8X: More screen, bigger storage, less money

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Large display, great specs and a sleek build. These are the some of the things that go into the perfect smartphone. From the sound of it, these are also features of a very pricey device…unless you are talking about the honor 8X. That’s because this device seems to have all of that but remain below RM1,000.

The honor 8X is a mid-range device that carries a whopping 6.5-inch Full HD+ display (2340×1080 pixels) that houses the infamous notch at the top and it has an aspect ratio of 19.5:9. However, the rest of the bezels are really slim, that is why it has a 91% screen to body ratio.

Despite its large screen, the device is easy to grip and comfortable to hold in one hand. However, navigating the whole screen would still require both hands. But so far, I like the quality of the display as the images and text are pretty sharp while the colours are bright and vibrant. There’s also no visible colour shift when you tilt the phone at extreme angles. These are actually good indications for a good viewing experience when it comes to watching videos and playing games.

At the back of the device, you will notice that the device follows a similar aesthetic as we’ve seen on other honor devices. The honor 8X features a metal frame and it is covered by a 2.5D aurora glass back with something honor likes to call a grating effect. You hold the device in landscape mode, you can see a distinctive band that runs across the full length of the device as pictured above. However, the panel is a fingerprint magnet and you can easily smudge it within a few minutes. 

Besides that, you will also find a fingerprint reader that sits at the back along with the vertically aligned dual camera at the top left.

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Speaking of dual-cameras, the 8X has a 20MP sensor paired with a 2MP shooter that enables depth-of-field effects. Just like many other smartphone cameras out there, the 8X does not lack AI scene recognition technology, where it automatically analyses a scene and gives you the best shooting mode based on your subject. However, you might not like how the pictures turn out. Sometimes, the pictures taken turns out to be over-saturated, but if you want a natural looking photo, the AI mode can always be turned off.

Left: Without AI, Right: With AI

The 8X’s rear camera also supports AI assisted Night mode, similar to the ones we saw on the Huawei P20 Pro. But for what I’ve seen so far, the pictures taken turn out to be super grainy and it is not as great as the Huawei P20 Pro. For selfies, the handset gets a 16MP selfie shooter alongside AI Portrait mode and some beautifying features.

The device is powered by Huawei’s own Kirin 710 chipset, which is a substantial upgrade from the Kirin 659 processor on its predecessor. Other than that, it comes with 4GB of RAM and mated with a generous 128GB of internal storage. If that’s not enough, you can always expand it via a microSD card. One thing that I like about this device is that it comes with a triple card slot, where it has a dedicated slot for a microSD card. Out of the box, it runs on an Android 8.1 Oreo with honor’s EMUI 8.2 skin on top. Keeping the device running is a 3,750mAh battery that still charges via a micro USB port. Unfortunately, there’s no fast-charging onboard, which is quite a bummer considering one of its rivals, the Xiaomi Mi A2 has quick charge support.  

With respect to the performance, the device also supports GPU Turbo technology, just like the one we saw on the company’s gaming-centric device, the honor Play. The feature claims to boost graphics processing for gaming while improving on power efficiency. But since I’ve only spent a little amount of time with this device, I could not give my full judgment on how well this feature works.

The honor 8X is priced at RM949, which is pretty affordable for a mid-range smartphone. It is a compelling choice for those who want a reasonably priced smartphone without sacrificing on build and performance. However, it isn’t perfect and one of the issues I’ve noticed is that the device does not support 5GHz WiFi which could be a deal breaker for some people.

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Overall, it is a pretty huge upgrade from its predecessor, the honor 7X. Last year’s model was priced higher at RM1,099 but it has a smaller 5.93-inch display, 3,340mAh battery and only 64GB of internal storage.

So what are your thoughts on the honor 8X? Let us know in the comments down below.

For more information on the availability of this device, you can check out our announcement post here.

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16 Comments for honor 8X: More screen, bigger storage, less money

Ugly truth

Guerilla marketing have reached the peak. Wherever you turn it’s about the greatness of new Huawei or Honor. Everybody appears to be worshipping it, manufacturer seems cant produce enough to meet the demand.


Does your Honor 8X support ac (5GHz) Wi-Fi?


The AI makes picture like animation with unnatural colours. It is should be called Artificial Stu**** instead, Anyone

can shamelessly copy western innovation all you want but you cannot beat them. Nevertheless, third world sheep’s will believe the fake social media popularity and still support substandard products.


    tsktsktsk couldnt agree more, all these lowlifes people are just laughable


Does this phone have support for “LTE band 7 (2600mhz)?


Does this phone has the camera?

apple fan boi

does it support charging when phone is on sleep mode?


Not competitive with the new A7 2018 because:

1. Display is a IPS LCD with notch and not a Super AMOLED display.

2. Brand and phone design is a subbrand and not a premium brand.

3. 2 cams only instead of 3 cams.

4. No NFC payment support and special rewards program. Not too sure what Huawei VIP app offers.

5. Kirin 710. Not too sure whether this is a good processor since its not branded like Snapdragon.

Would have been cheap and competitive if priced at RM500.

Chinese phones must always be half the price of Samsung in order to stay competitive.


    YOU must be kidding me. YOU Sound so much like Samsung fanboi and nothing more. Anything coming from you sounds so stupid lol. You don’t even know how Kirin 710 is doing against Snapdragon and you called Snapdragon branded and not Kirin, that much already gives a lot of clues on how much ignorant and pathetic Samsung fanboi you are.

    I can take reasonable criticisms but when someone ignorant wrote shits like you did, I can’t help but having myself laugh it off.


      So uptight. Huawei cyber trooper detected.


      Lol, Huawei 50 cent detected.

      Kirin 710 and 980 might have special software and setting to boost the benchmarks scores.

      This is their so called AI innovation lol.


    Hey Swan, me summon thee. Come torment this guy here, I don’t care. His statement is totally laughable.


    if comparing with nova 3i, then i would say samsung a7 2018 has its advantage and a better phone. but h8x is 949, that is 350 less than samsung, that is more than 20% less, which is ok for the price point. honor as subrand, doesnt mean its mediocre.

    and omg, the only brand that make their own soc in android world only 2 companies, samsung with exynos, huawei/honor with kirin.

    both using arm cpu n gpu.

    ps: samsung a7 2018 doesnt use qualcom snapdragon, it uses samsung exynoa.


    sd 7885 in a7 is way below the pecking order behind kirin 710 lol..what are u on..the only good thing about a7 2018 is the display..and thats it..camera-wise early reaction not so great too..so i'll take honor 8x with extra goodies


Wait a minute.. branding and premium talks now among android users? I thought we're only looking and specs and numbers, no branding etc. Since when these premium and sub-brand talks start creeping in?

Quad-core is quad-core. No such thing as SnapDragon vs Kirin etc. Just like Quad always trounces fruit's dual core.