honor has introduced a Mi Band 3 killer in Malaysia

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After launching their highly anticipated honor 8X, the company also unveiled their latest fitness band and it is called the honor Band 3. This looks like the closest competitor to Xiaomi’s Mi Band 3.

The honor Band 3 features a 0.9-inch PMOLED display that pushes a resolution of 128×32 pixels. Powering the fitness band is a 100mAh battery which honor claims that can last up to 30 days of usage. Other than that, the honor band 3 has a water resistance rating of 50m. As a result, it allows users to track their swim times, calories burned and more in the custom swimming mode.

Besides that, the fitness band also includes a built-in vibration function, which alerts you of your smartphone notifications when it’s in silent mode. It also has an independent vibrating alarm function, where it wakes you up by vibrating on your wrist. Other features include a pedometer, a heart rate sensor and sleep tracking. It also links with your smartphone’s GPS to track your running routes. 

The honor Band 3 is officially priced at RM119 and it is only available in Black. However, there’s also another option available in the market at a similar price point, and that’s the Xiaomi Mi Band 3. With the price tag of RM129, the Mi Band 3 comes with a smaller 0.78-inch OLED display. Besides that, it features a larger 110mAh battery but unlike the honor band 3, it is only rated to last up to 20 days of usage. Similar to the honor band 3, the Mi Band 3 also has built-in heart rate sensor and it can be submerged in water up to 50m deep. According to honor’s product page, the Band 3 is compatible with Android (4.4 and above) and iOS (iOS 8.0 and above) smartphones.

The honor Band 3 will be made available on hihonor.com on the 15th of October or you can get it for free when you purchase the honor 8X.

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36 Comments for honor has introduced a Mi Band 3 killer in Malaysia


Pedometer for sleep tracking?


    Just in case you sleep walk 🙂


    I though pedometer is to measure ‘pedoness’


why they dont make something at the level of apple watch?

reason 1 = incapability
reason 2 = droidiots cant afford make d also no point, good at talking but no action as always

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    Wow. That escalated quickly.


    Wow I’m new here, but you sure look like a butthurt android hater. Feels like you were “raped” before.

    Be cool I’m apple fan too.


      More to come from swan – only if it gets to the spot to be triggered or his Apple' superiority is challenged.

    Get a life apple fan

    They have huawei watch brand for high end market, which is doing better than apple in EU market now.
    Even this band is cheaper, does not mean it is not good. It is practical for serious workouts & swimmer. Not for showing off. I have been using oversea gift unit for year, more than 10 days of 30 minutes workouts without charging.

    Apple watch? So called "all day battery life", 18 hours? Wanna show off please don't come to sweaty gym, apple nerds.


      stupid lowlife droid compare a such limited watch to an apple watch and claim the battery life is much better, and so proud , EU > global?

      android = heaven for lowiq people

        Swan killer

        Fxxk you son of the bitch !

          Regular Fella

          Lol. You just feeding into swan la. Why get triggered?

          Swan's fan

          Why talk to yourself and f yourself swan?

        Get a life apple fan

        How to compare? Apple cannot make a basic fitness band. They do not want to because they know most of its apple watch customers just want to show off (i said watch user, i didnt mean iphone users ok).

        How many diabetes apple watch users would do exercise using apple watch? Later gets scratch lah, dirty lah, blah blah blah.

        Just admit it, unlike iphone, the apple watch sales is BAD.


          'apple cannot make a basic fitness band' , why go basic if you can go pro, and apple watch sales is bad??

          Apple Watch has become the top-selling watch globally https://www.cnbc.com/2017/09/12/apple-watch-is-no…

          what the fk this lowlife lowiq people, android fans never fail to amazed people with their biased fact in their tiny little brain, holy mama now tell me how to admit your stupid statement

          Audited claim

          Haha Tim Cock CLAIM. Shareholders mana to find in financial report?

          Microsoft ex ceo steve ballmer also likes to claim and brag. See what happened to MS until he stepped down.


          there were lot of valid sources just google will do, if you want to cure your stupidity you cant expect people to babysit you la

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          Apple wont bankrupt

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          because what they made are actually really good stuff, its ihouse itoilet iflush or whatever because only 1 simple reason, which is = yall poor cant afford so butthurt

          House owner

          Sorry dude, I bought house in 2009 when it was cheap & earned big like apple now. But those always complain house is expensive & but willing to paying 7y imported b-segment car loan usually use expensive phones. Face is important, depreciation doesn't matter.



          doesnt matter, youre still poor in mentality and financially

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        Swan CB





        Which part huawei lose to apple bitch

        Opps no night shot opps dxo mark low opps no quad hd display opps battery life like shit opps no gradient colour design opps you paid what you cant get with the best value Opps opps and opps


          every part actually

          camera = gimmick AI whereas its just filter
          display = rubbish
          design = apple rip off which ugly chin somemore

          ipxmax even fked up samsung note 9, if you call this a win i would advise you to suicide as youre that stupid already mcm cancer to this society


      the band keep track your sleeping pattern too.


    diam la swan, u think you own apple watch? you think u have iPhone xs max? you just an iPhone 6 user, dont act like you part of royal apple ecosystem



I thought this band launch in china last year?

Nokia 3310

no GPS, sport tracking is useless

    GPS for grabcar

    How often you get lost when exercise in your neighborhood park, swimming pool or gym room?
    How often you wanna draw a love shape on map in order to impress your girl friend?
    How often you travel oversea to participate in sport event representing your country?
    Very often? Pay bit more to get one with GPS. Most of us don't.

    Reply to Nokia 3310

    Nokia 3310 does not have GPS. No wonder.


Are you kidding me? They’re launching Honor Band 4 already, and now they’re just officially bringing in Band 3, at higher price point. What a joke


no pixel 3 news??…come on swan…

Tom Teng

I bought from other dealer and use for 4 months ago and . Not recommend this band 3

1. Battery can not last 20 days, NOT 30 days as described.
2. Under bright env can not see anything on the watch. Poor brightness
3. No notification history. After read notification message gone…
4. VERY limited notification message display only few word. English work need bend your head to read at different rotation.
5. Small screen.

Stay away from this band 3, you regret.

    Are you sure?

    Are you sure. This is just a fitness band, not really a smart watch category gadget.
    1. If you turn off all heavy features sure can last 30 days. Even if you turn on all features (trusleep, activity reminder, heart rate sensors, notifications, auto wake/switch screen) and do exercise a lot, it still can last about 2 weeks. Smart watch cannot last even a day under hevay use.
    2. Come on, you mean directly reflecting the sun? Even flagship smartphone AMOLED display cannot see. Just angle it few degrees from the sun to fix your laziness.
    3. The purpose of notification is to NOTIFY, just as your phone notification center does. Buy smartwatch, not band for such feature.
    4. This one i agree, but not too bad because the watch is vertical as you relax your arm most of the time.
    5. Nope, this is biggest in its class in Malaysia.

      Tom Teng

      Halo.. look at the title lah.. Article title say Band 3 available in Market. I'm talking about the Band 3, not the newer launching Band 4. Ada baca kah?

      1. I'm not turn on heavy duty lah.. 1 week only maybe running 30 mins. This call heavy duty ah?
      2. I'm not say under sun lah, bright env can not see even day time in the car. Of course under sun most watch can not.
      3. This coming new release Band 4 solve the notification issue, but not band 3. I say don't by band 3, didn't say band 4
      5. Stupid! Still I'm saying band 3.

      Conclude Band 3 don't buy, band 4 seems more promising.


    You have bought a wrong device. This is a fitness tracker not a smartwatch. If you want all the feature you list above, get a proper smartwatch. Most fitness tracker are like this and some doesnt event have a screen.


    good real life experience. this is exactly why you dont buy overpriced china brand promoted by sponsored articles and sponsored comments.


Wait a minute, I thought Honor Band 4 just been launched, how come the author refer Band 3 as “their latest fitness band”??? Honor band 3 is available since last year. Now the price online just 80 sonething…