Here are the top performing mobile networks in KL, JB, Ipoh, Melaka and Penang according to OpenSignal

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OpenSignal has just published a new State of Mobile Report for Malaysia and this time they are giving a clearer look at 5 big cities in Peninsular Malaysia. In the last report that was published in April this year, Maxis took first place in download speeds across both 4G and 3G. With the latest report, Maxis continues to lead while Celcom has also shown improvement when it comes to speed and 4G availability.

The latest OpenSignal report is based on 1.293 billion measurements taken from 233,257 devices between 1 June to 29 August 2018. Maxis is still the winner in overall and 4G performance while 3G speeds are tied with Celcom. According to OpenSignal, 5 out of 6 telcos have achieved 4G availability above 75%, which is great. However, they do noticed that 4G speeds have dipped slightly and this is an indicator that more Malaysians are now connected to 4G.

Do note that 4G availability measured by OpenSignal is an indication of how often a user is connected to 4G and it doesn’t represent actual geographical population coverage.

The latest report also includes a breakdown for 5 regions namely Ipoh, Johor Bahru, Kuala Lumpur, Melaka and Penang (including Seberang Perai). Maxis is ranked first in speed as it recorded above 18Mbps for all 5 regions. Celcom takes second place in all regions except for Melaka where it is ranked fourth place behind Digi and U Mobile. Unifi Mobile is the slowest among all players with an average 4G download speed of 6Mbps.

Below is the 4G download speed for the 5 regions:

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Maxis (24.85Mbps), Celcom (17.55Mbps), Digi (13.22Mbps), U Mobile (12.12Mbps), Unifi (5.7Mbps)

Johor Bahru

Maxis (25.28Mbps), Celcom (14.91Mbps), Digi (10.89Mbps), Unifi (7.41Mbps), U Mobile (6.73Mbps)

Kuala Lumpur

Maxis (20.76Mbps), Celcom (19.0Mbps), U Mobile (10.29Mbps), Digi (10.0Mbps), Unifi (6.38Mbps),


Maxis (24.48Mbps), U Mobile (15.86Mbps), Digi (11.57Mbps), Celcom (10.85Mbps), Unifi (5.18Mbps)


Maxis (18.96Mbps), Celcom (13.86Mbps), Digi (11.55Mbps), U Mobile (8.43Mbps), Unifi (5.39Mbps)

According to OpenSignal, Malaysia is seeing a trend where LTE is reaching its maturity. More Malaysians are connected via 4G than ever before and the immediate focus for telcos would be improving on network capacity and speed. One way to increase capacity is to acquire more spectrum for mobile wireless connectivity. The 700MHz spectrum (for analog TV transmission) is expected to be repurposed for 4G LTE usage and it can offer twice the coverage radius than 1800MHz.

Below is the overall nationwide performance for all categories:

You can check out the full OpenSignal report here. To contribute to OpenSignal’s analysis, you can download the OpenSignal app that’s available for both iOS and Android devices. Apart from having speed test tools, you can also view the average performance of each telcos in your area.

What do you think of OpenSignal’s report? Does it reflect your real world usage? Let us know in the comments below.

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26 Comments for Here are the top performing mobile networks in KL, JB, Ipoh, Melaka and Penang according to OpenSignal


What about Kuching and Kota Kinabalu? Conveniently forgotten or is it not a part of Malaysia?


    droidiots wake up, we are talking abount west malaysia


      ya tree people no need 4G

      Regular Fella

      iPhone no autocorrect?

      Tsk tsk tsk


      Swan wake up please – this topic is about a 4G network, keep your bigotry on Apple v Android on a related topic.


      Soyacincau need to kick poisonous people like swan. Keep the comment section healthy.


      You should have stayed in whatever shitholes you came from.


      Matured KL citizen.


    We had a tree people minister who helm the Communications Minister post last time. What happened to Malaysia's internet ranking and reputation? From 2nd in SEA, we even fell behind VN, Cambodia and Thailand. KERUAK the bird brain was the best candidate they have? That is what you get when you place the wrong person in the driver's seat.

Mohd Faizan Mohd Afandi

Surprisingly between April this year till October, I’ve been using different kind of provider namely Maxis, Celcom & Digi guess what? Digi perform better in term of internet at KL, Shah Alam, Klang, Muar & Tanjong Karang area. Killing the others two big provider &, this is reality..


    Guess all rush to port to one network and the rest got free up…. so let see…..

    I have the same issue, network sometimes perform like crab…. but after some weeks it was like a breeze…
    then after some weeks again… is back to crab again….

      Ikan Todak

      Same. DiGi user here in Kinrara, Selangor. Just when I think everything is smooth sailing, then quality dips even during non peak hours. Then after a few weeks, it improves, only to go back down again after a few months.

      It's not awful, not great either, merely inconsistent. Then again I'm not expecting a robust connection ala fiber broadband on 4G (with CA) in a congested urban area


    DiGi's network is quite good over here in Ipoh. Very aggressive marketing lately. Since their parent company Telenor alongside Swisscom as their main transit operator is one of Europe's largest company their European connectivity is by far the best in Malaysia. Sadly they don't do fixed line, else I would say they've now even surpassed Maxis any day in network consistency and quality.

    Signing 24mths long contracts is actually unfair to Malaysians because they're loopsided. If we subscribers break the agreement of the duration for early termination, we need to pay penalty. But what if the telco does not deliver and have outages, do they pay their customers penalty? Are these contracts even considered "mutual" agreements? Only when we don't have contracts, the telcos will be pressured to deliver or else we leave! That way they'll only work hard to keep up with their customer's expectations. That is why Malaysians will always favor contract-less plans.


Good time to compare now between all these telco… Which one provide best value for money mobile internet service.


These results are not accurate. Not everyone turn on their GPS by default when they do speedtest and the results are only good for local speedtest servers. If you frequently access overseas content outside Google or FB walled CDN, the experience is very different than that suggested by OpenSignal.

Maxis is the fastest in Pasir Puteh Ipoh? Don't make us subscriber laugh! On peak hours even speed results to nearby Singapore is like a roller coaster ride unlike the rest of their competitors. Maxis is very lousy now, it's not worth paying some 3-4X more than other telcos when it's this lousy. RM12 for 1GB topup to monthly pass and so frequent network outage(just had one yesterday morning).


Nowadays Maxis network is like garbage. Ever since they went aggressive with fixed fibre service with high sign ups rate from the public their oversea gateway has been suffering very high ping rates and erratic speeds. Avoid it at all costs. Even TM could easily outperform them especially when you access international traffic contents.

Malaysian telcos are fooling with Mr Gobind. They've just lowered fixed line rates only for fibre. The alternative access for Streamyx is still wireless broadband. Maxis, Celcom, DiGi and Umobile all have wireless broadband plans, why none of them were lowered until now? They say telcos are serious in helping Malaysians increase broadband speeds and lower their price but some places have only old copper infrastructure, why are these wireless broadband plans being ignored or pretend they're non existent?


    Really agree…


    the result cant lie.. if Maxis suck on u that does not mean everybody else suck oso


It's funny that Maxis who charges close to 3X more than their competitors has higher downtimes than the rest in Pasir Puteh, Ipoh Their 4G network just went down totally at my place after 12am today for the entire morning. So if I subscribed the early morning RM4 access and so happen the network went down, are you going to compensate me? Or you're trying to sell your customers hit or miss lotteries? Maxis international gateway and links are very lousy. I'm going to port all my Maxis lines out soon. Their lines are only for bragging local speedtest server speed. My favourite contents on the internet are mainly hosted overseas, and Maxis doesn't live up to my expectations despite charging premium rates over other competitors.

Lason Jo

I think maxshhit bribe many bodies already, the worst performing network in jb next to digi, i work going everywhere in johor, celcom is trustworthy even though their price sucks, digi is gone case, maxshhit can go suck ballss, umobile so2, yes4g is good, unifi is surprisingly ok


    Yup, OpenSignal might be among the biggest recipient. It is pointless to measure ping rates to local servers. Real users are more interested in average latency to major transit points around the world such as to USA, Tokyo, Taipei, Beijing/Shanghai, Bangkok, HK, Navi-Mumbai, Delhi, Frankfurt, Vienna, London, Oslo and Milan. The latency that OpenSignal measures is the average for local nearby server which is pointless.It's like doing a speedtest with your LAN at home and call yourself jaguh-kampung.


    yes4g is good? did I read wrong? or have improved so much?



      Different people have different demands. Good quality and performance is not just about speed but also consistency throughout the day. For personal use or single user, a consistent 10M with stable low latency all day night even at heavy peak hours is still better than a line which can reach 100M off peak but only 5M at night during peak hours. YES 4G is like the underdog that excels in the earlier segment where you get slower speed with low latency all day. If you're just a single user on a mobile device you won't need bandwidth in excess of 100M-1G anyway. Even major video content streaming servers throttle speeds according to the video reso you're streaming.


I have been living in ipoh for more than a year now. I find it real amusing that you guys consider ipoh as one of the "big cities". It doesn't deserve to be called a city at all, it's more of a backwards town, hardly anything noteworthy happens here. food is damn overrated and the perak people drive donkey slow.

good that maxis is fast here though, I am on that network.


    What is your expectations of a city? Tall skyscrapers, crowded streets with a lifeless zombified working class people? Ipoh city has the 3rd highest population outside the Klang Valley followed by JB with the most successful city council in the country in terms of profitability and cleanliness. We are also the biggest Chinese populated city in the country. Clearly you've not visited true world class cities before in the world such as the Silicon Valley, Geneva, Oslo or even Hokkaido cities before where in suburb areas you can drive with your eyes closed on their wide lanes.It is good unwanted people like you stays away from Ipoh because you inflate local property prices and cost of living just like what happened to SG today, where you find the world's most notorious do money laundering and hide over there.


    Food overrated? Our coffee does not fail, Ipoh ranks above or on par with Tokyo and ChaingMai for coffee. We are the only city in Malaysia with 2 Michelin chefs one now based in SG as the top chicken rice stall seller and the other co-running a French restaurant with a Japanese partner. We drive slow because life quality here higher than most average Malaysians. You jealous, people of peace? Go play your sand in the MidEast and burn down skyscrapers when you default.


What is your expectations of a city? Tall skyscrapers, crowded streets with a lifeless zombified working class people? Ipoh city has the 3rd highest population outside the Klang Valley and JB with the most successful city council in the country in terms of profitability and cleanliness. We are also the biggest Chinese populated city in the country.It is usually the sandmen who has this kind of mentality where success means having the world's tallest monument, largest buildings and overpriced standard of living.All derived from the sand taken from the desert they live in,fools.