Apple fixes iPhone XS #ChargeGate with upcoming iOS 12.1 update

The #ChargeGate issue on the iPhone XS and XS Max will be solved very soon. Apple appears to have addressed the issue on its upcoming software update on the latest iOS 12.1 beta update.

Rene from iMore has confirmed the fix on the latest iOS 12.1 Beta 2. He added that there will be no delay or uncertainty of charging when you plug the lightning cable in. The final iOS 12.1 update is expected to be released to the public very soon.

In case you missed it, #ChargeGate is an issue whereby some iPhone XS and XS Max units wouldn’t charge if it’s left in sleep mode for too long. It was speculated that Apple’s new USB Restricted Mode might be the culprit and this is a security feature which prevents anyone from brute-forcing their way in with a hacking box.

We managed to repeat the issue by leaving our iPhone XS locked for an hour. It only starts to charge after we disconnect and reconnect the lightning cable twice without unlocking the device.

In the mean time, affected users are advised to unlock their phones first before plugging the cable in. For those who use wireless charging or check their phones regularly, this might not be a noticeable problem.

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Alexander Wong