Samsung is launching a new Galaxy device with 4X the fun |

Samsung is launching a new Galaxy device with 4X the fun

Posted:  September 14, 2018   By:    13 comments   

A Galaxy Event 2018

After launching the Galaxy Note9 last month, Samsung is introducing something new next month which promises to bring more ways to express yourself than ever before. Could this be their new foldable phone? Or is it a brand new Galaxy series targeting the youth?

The official invite doesn’t reveal much but they are calling the event “A Galaxy Event”, which sounds like a launch for a new Galaxy A series. The timing is a bit odd since the Galaxy A series is usually revealed around December/January right before they announce the next Galaxy S model.

There’s no further explanation about their “4x fun”. Could it be a smartphone with 4 cameras or 4x Zoom? There’s also a possibility that Samsung is announcing a total of four new smartphones or a combination of four devices including accessories.

The event is taking place on 11 October 2018. Since Malaysia is a key market for Samsung, it is likely that these devices will be available locally shortly after its global announcement. What do you guys think? Let us know in the comments below.


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13 Comments for Samsung is launching a new Galaxy device with 4X the fun


4 types of Fun : Mi Fun, Hor Fun, Lai Fun, Tong Fun….. delish.


    not forgetting Fun Gao (sleep)


lol…for youth?? do more research Samsung, only working man/women or those who earn their own money will buy A or J series.
Youth = Note or S class

Ah Niang

a phone foldable up to 4 times. LOL

Sleepy Head

4 cameras

Abnormal Guy

Swan, don’t you think Samsung is overreacting to Apple’s event? Like they got something to be worried about?

Poor droidfarks


    swan = Abnormal Guy (in different id), talking to self huh? really abnormal lor.


4 sim slot


hahaha samsung… how many phones u want to launch per year?


4X, waste time, small storage 32gb, someone expensive


Galaxy s4

Normal Guy

Funny how many are imposters here in SC when I dont come here after a while. LOL. So if Apple cuts price for older models is OK while Samsung does it it’s for “droidfarks”?


Fold 4x