Here's how you get a 10% discount on the Samsung Galaxy Note10 |

Here’s how you get a 10% discount on the Samsung Galaxy Note10

Posted:  September 14, 2018   By:    12 comments   

If you are a Samsung Galaxy Note fan that always want the latest, here’s something worth checking out. Samsung Malaysia is extending its Yearly Upgrade Program to cover the next Samsung Galaxy Note flagship model and you can get it at a discount when it’s released next year.

Starting from today, 14th of September 2018 till 2nd December 2018, just top up RM100 upon your purchase of the Samsung Galaxy Note9 and you are entitled to buy the next year’s model at 10% discount. Besides that, you will also be receiving free 5,000 Samsung Rewards points where you can redeem any goods available in the Samsung Rewards catalog of products. Do note that all of this can be done through your Samsung Members app.

That’s not all. If you are buying the device on an Easy Payment Plan, you are entitled to a one-month waiver. Alternatively, customers can also choose to purchase it outright and receive a Samsung Protection Plus add-on worth RM298. The Samsung Protection Plus provides customers with a combination of 1-year warranty extension and a one-time screen crack repair.

Here’s how you redeem your rewards:

1) Login to Samsung Members

2) Select “Benefits”

3) Click on the “Yearly Upgrade Program” banner

4) Fill in the form and submit along with proof of purchase

To find out more about the limited-time Yearly Upgrade Program, you can visit their official webpage here.

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12 Comments for Here’s how you get a 10% discount on the Samsung Galaxy Note10

Jho Outlaw

Why beggar for tiny discount when you can get great value anytime for superior built outstanding aesthetics fantastic specs Huawei phones?

    joe hemsem

    china crap products? designed by a tongsan engineer? no thanks


This 10% discount for note 10 applicable for note 10 pre order which usually come with freebies


What’s the point? IPhones Xs Max is way to go. ✌️


Note 10?


    Not Note 11?



even at 50% droidfarks also cant afford la, the only thing theyre not bitching about samsung is because its android phone.


Don’t plan of upgrading to Note10 also worth paying RM100. Get 5000 points and got protection.

Mike Khoh

Samsung did it again sell premium price when launching now two weeks later give discount. Customers are furious


Note 9*


    Can you read? Soya says Note 10 lah.

    Note 9 already got recall with the explosion hazard.