Proton X70 SUV is open for booking tomorrow with a RM1,000 deposit |

Proton X70 SUV is open for booking tomorrow with a RM1,000 deposit

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PROTON is launching their first SUV in Malaysia very soon and this is the first product that’s co-developed by Geely and PROTON. During the exclusive preview to the media, it was revealed that the SUV will be called the PROTON X70 and it’s open for booking starting tomorrow.

To be among the first to own the PROTON X70, you can place a deposit of RM1,000 beginning 8 September 2018. To see the vehicle up close, PROTON will be organising preview sessions for the public between 19 September until 4 November 2018 across 7 cities throughout Malaysia which include Kuching and Kota Kinabalu.

The X70 name was selected from a total of 89,800 submissions through an online contest. This is the first alphanumeric naming system used on a PROTON model. According to their research, this would allow them to sell the X70 in ASEAN as well as international markets without language barriers to overcome. The letter X is synonyous Crossover or SUV while the number 70 denotes the type of class or size (bigger means larger).

The PROTON X70 is based on the Geely Boyue (pictured above) which is also known as the Geely Emgrand X7 in other markets. The design team had made some changes to the exterior in order to differenciate the X70 from Geely’s model.

The front grill will get a different design featuring a large PROTON badge that’s framed with 3 black horizontal bars. There’s also daytime running lights (DRL) which gives it a “pair of eyes” that mimics the face of a Malayan Tiger. Meanwhile, the interior gets premium materials such as Nappa leather and brushed aluminium accents, and there’s also a touchscreen interface on the dashboard.

The PROTON X70 is expected to be available sometime in November and it will be priced below the Honda CR-V. The CR-V is currently priced from RM138,308 for the base 2.0L 2WD variant and it goes all the way up to RM163,191 for its range topping 1.5L TC-P 2WD model.

The official specifications and features have not been announced but you can expect three trim levels: Standard, Premium and Executive.

Standard will come in 2WD only while the Premium and Executive variants get 2WD and AWD options. There will be only one engine option across all trim levels, a turbo GDI engine producing 181hp and 285Nm of torque. The engine power figures are nothing to shout home about when you consider manufacturers can easily and reliably push out 200+ hp from a 1.6 turbo-charged engine. For comparison, the X70’s close competitor, the Honda CR-V 1.5 turbo pushes 190hp and 243Nm of torque.

Expect a whole host of driver-aid technologies to be available, at the very least in the Executive and Premium trim of the X70. These include automatic emergency braking, adaptive cruise control, 360-camera, blind spot monitor and possibly lane-departure warning and avoidance plus a tyre pressure monitoring system.

From the models what were presented to us during the session today, we can see the top-spec Premium version gets a built-in air purification system and a multi-speaker sound system complete with sub-woofer.

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31 Comments for Proton X70 SUV is open for booking tomorrow with a RM1,000 deposit


How much BaoTeng pay SC


eh..this is paultan website?


    I thought I was in the wrong site. Triple check. Nothing wrong with my eyes. Since when Soyacincau became a car expert?




I type soyacincau but end up to paultan.. Its ok, ill go back to soyacincau..


Price below CRV of RM138K…………..then better forget it. I won't buy.

Below RM100k…….that's more like it.


    I am agreed

    Patriotic Malaysian

    As a starting gamechanger model, Proton have to learn from Perdana failure. Consumer willing to try but at reasonable price. Price have to be on par or slightly below than Toyota Rush/Honda HRV, otherwise will be difficult g ftto be game changer. My advice to Proton, you cannot effort to fail again like Proton Perdana (which is an Honda Accord platform). So my price advice is RM80k(for basic model) to RM100k(for top model)


      lol how I wish for such price but if so, Proton will sell at a loss.
      I just don't get mentality of Malaysian. When the car is priced cheaper than rivals yet with more features and better finish, Malaysian still complain. Even if this car is sold at 150k, it's still a bargain. Replace it with other badge and the price can easily reach 200k or more.


    Too bad then. You miss out a good car..
    Rumor said that it will be priced within 90-130k. With such a great finish, this car easily reach 200k if you replace it with other badge.
    Since this is a gadget site, x70 is like pocophone, a definite buy for me.


droidfarks: why keep posting irrelevant topic recently? anything above rm1000 pls dont post, we already that poor so pls dont make us butthurt or else we cant tahan then start bitching

    Normal Guy

    LOL, keep up the good work. Damn entertaining.

    Your biggest fan




    despite all the years, soya still hasn’t quite find the direction… review hamburgers and cars… but doing not enough on smart phone and gadget reviews…

    and lately, just posting Lazada or online sales deals and call it news…

    please go and do more heavy lifting and come out with more original contents…

belek belek

I’m ok with this info in soya cause I don’t go pualtan


If price below rm100k than the touchscreen can't support mirrorlink to apple. Apple user drive under rm100k car feel no face.


Missing "C" – Proton XC70


    XC is Volvo lineup



Tech blogger

Food blogger

Now… car influencer


Stupid name X70. I give Mitra X7 but rejected.

mrs choo

price pls


Soyacincau, you compared the difference in hp but fail to mention difference in torque. CR-V with only 243nM of torque compared to 285nM of torque produced by the TGDi engine of X70. Torque is more relevant (pulling power).

Faizul Nizam Ibarahim

Harga berapa..baru boleh bajet nak booking


How price




Biasanya produk pertama selalu ada problem..lebih selesa tunggu dan lihat.

Honda HR-V dan Toyota Rabbit pun cun juga.


Where it will be produced, Proton Malaysia factories or in China.

    Borhan Linggam

    this year CBU year Tg Malim

kontol gede

kena gormal


diu !!
car is still a kind of gadget right so why the fuss ??

although i agree the article writing very paultan style.