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Android Pie (Go edition) frees up even more storage for your entry-level smartphone

If you own an entry-level device on Android Go, you will definitely be hyped about Google’s latest update to its “light” version of its mobile OS, dubbed Android Pie (Go Edition).

Key improvements in this the latest version of Android Go includes giving you more storage out of the box, faster boot times, security features like verified boot and a data usage tracker dashboard. These upgrades should allow entry-level smartphones to operate with even better performance.

According to Google, the operating system for Android 9 Pie (Go Edition) now uses less space on the device, giving its users up to 500MB of additional storage compared to its predecessor, Android Oreo (Go edition) that was launched earlier this year. 500MB may not seem like a lot to most flagship smartphones, but it is not insignificant on entry-level handsets that come with just 8GB of internal storage.

To recap, all Go devices will come with special Go optimised apps that can take up to 50% less space in your phone. Such apps include Files Go a lightweight file sharing app, the Go version of Google Assistant, YouTube Go as well as Maps Go.

Since February 2018, Google has also been pushing out updates to several Go apps to give them more functionality. In Google Go, for example, the app can now read out web pages and highlight each word as it speaks. On the other hand, YouTube Go allows its users to consume less data when watching videos, as well as new features like gallery mode for downloaded content. Maps Go is getting turn-by-turn navigation whether you are on foot or other means of transportation. Files Go now is capable of transferring data peer-to-peer  with speeds up to 490 Mbps. To read more about the Go apps you can check out Google’s blog post here

Does anyone own an Android Go device? If so, what do you think about these updates? Let us know in the comment section below.

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