Get a brand new Samsung Galaxy S9+ for RM410 off |

Get a brand new Samsung Galaxy S9+ for RM410 off

Posted:  August 6, 2018   By:    9 comments   

While everyone’s getting ready for the brand new Samsung Galaxy Note9 launch, we’ve found a treat for those of you who want a Samsung flagship but don’t care for the S-Pen. Fancy a Galaxy S9+ for RM410 off?

Mobile 2 Go is currently having a sale for Samsung’s latest flagship Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+:

Samsung Galaxy S9, 6GB RAM + 64GB storage — RM3,109 RM2,749
Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus, 6GB RAM + 64GB storage — RM3,579 RM3,169
Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus, 6GB RAM + 128GB storage — RM3,796 RM3,499

If you don’t mind something a little older, they’re also offering the Galaxy S8 for just over RM2,000 and the S8+ for just under RM2,500.

Samsung Galaxy S8, 4GB RAM + 64GB storage — RM2,099
Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus, 4GB RAM + 64GB storage — RM2,499

Besides that, they’ve also got promotions on the Galaxy Note8 and Note FE.

Samsung Galaxy Note FE, 4GB RAM + 64GB storage — RM1,749
Samsung Galaxy Note 8, 6GB RAM + 64GB storage — RM2,799

According to Mobile 2 Go, these handsets are all official Malaysian sets with a 1-year warranty by Samsung Malaysia. Additionally, they’re also offering a mystery gift for every purchase, but it’s only for walk-in customers.

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9 Comments for Get a brand new Samsung Galaxy S9+ for RM410 off


still mahal kojol…


Samsung still think they're the Kingmaker and still charging hands and legs for their flagships that are already 12 months old.

Look at Huawei strategies and you know why they are going up the ladder this 2 years to overtook the leaders.


    They are expensive for a reason. The software does not come in cheap. It requires huge funding to produce a well developed software like Bixby and more.


      Yes, Bixby requires hundreds of billions of dollars funding.

      Bixby is the best AI assistant in the world.

      Just wait for another 12 months, their AI assistant, Bixby, will be smarter than humans.

      Galaxy s9+ will retail at 10x of current price iPhone X.

      So, all of you: do not miss this opportunity and grab the s9+ now.


        Bixby just helped me with my laundry and dishes. This software alone is worth thousands. Lucky malaysians to get samsung phone with assistant for just rm3k.


    samseng is still the kingmaker now sorry, just look at the sales ranging from high end to low end, huawei surpassed apple because of the wide range of high low end phone, huawei is doing the same thing as samseng but look wheres it high end phone ranking in top 10, i dont see shit.


      Choice is there, just make it smart.


Is the cut price available in any local store like senQ?


The worst flagship battery. Can’t even last thru a day even with light usage. Please don’t fall to this trap!