The Samsung Galaxy Note FE can be yours for only RM1,599 |

The Samsung Galaxy Note FE can be yours for only RM1,599

Posted:  July 24, 2018   By:    18 comments   

If you’re looking for a productive phablet with a stylus, the Galaxy Note FE can be yours at an even lower price. In conjunction with Shopee’s Electronics Expo, there’s now a shocking sale where you can get it for as low as RM1,599.

Originally launched at RM2,599, the Galaxy Note FE is now going for RM1,599 and it is available for a limited time only on Shopee. The shocking sale had started at 8:00PM this evening and it will end at 12:00AM or while stocks last.

To recap on the specs, the Note FE gets a 5.7″ Super AMOLED QuadHD display and it is powered by an Exynos 8890 Octa-Core processor with 4GB RAM and 64GB of storage. It gets a 12MP f/1.7 main camera and a front facing 5MP selfie shooter. The Note FE also comes with a front-mounted fingerprint sensor and it also supports iris scanning to unlock the device.

Apart from having an S Pen that has 4,096 levels of pressure sensitivity, it has IP68 dust and water resistance, wireless charging and adaptive fast charging via USB-C. Powering the device is a 3,200mAh battery which is smaller than the original Note7. In case you’re wondering, it was recently upgraded to Android 8.0 Oreo.

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18 Comments for The Samsung Galaxy Note FE can be yours for only RM1,599


Save it for yourself


very great deal for water resistance phone but people must be already traumatized by note 7 fiesco._.


Been using this phone since launch last year and very happy.


    It's a fantastic phone.


greatest achievement of this phone = global recall twice

and now still selling this failure for rm1599

#smartsamfans #1000IQdroidroid #forevernofuture


    Not as dumb as bodosheeps that got throttled by Apple without realising and then have to pay more money to solve the problem. Until now iPhone 6 still selling proof that bodosheep will pay anything for sacred logo. Even new MacBook Pro also suffer throttling. All hail king of throttling and still supported by bodosheeps. Stay foolish stay bodo.


      change battery=problem solved that simple, as if your phone forever no need change
      not only macbook pro but most laptop face the same common inevitable issue

      droiddroid diedie blindly must find something to condemn so to comfort themselves it is ok for not able to afford something expensive, LEL

      #forever2ksalary #foreveratbottom #foreverkesian


        go die already


          when the amount of rm1.5k is what you can afford max, you neglect the fact that it was a bomb device which recalled twice globally and now naming it FE (should be SFE stupid fan editon)

          lowlife thinking:
          reselling a still capable iphone 6 = crap
          reselling a bomb device = smart

          why you all so pathetic one


          swan logic = iPhone 3G still better to buy today vs Note FE even with battery changed.

          Long live iphone/apple.

          Safety First

          actually I agree with you… it is a refurbished phone after all. the price is high given the long unfortunate history.


    990RM iPhone 6. Fail. LOL
    1.2MP selfie camera fail.
    iPhone X dual camera fail. Not even in Top 5 on Dxomark.

    Apple isn't good at anything these days. lol


      kesian ppl like u so butthurt deep down in your heart, hv to make up some false facts to comfort yourself

      soyacincau= best platform for poorfk & 0 IQ ppl to comfort themselves among bunch of lowlife ppls



        still swan need to come to soyacincau, because that's what he does best.


    Samsung + Android = triggered swan (what a retarded born)


Yes agree for a limited time only and will continue dropping further later…..




The problem with all this lower than market price deals are there are fine prints that are not even mentioned.
And kudos to soya for propagating all this "good deals" without telling the full story.

You see, a lot of this so call lower phones comes in the form of "unsealed" package. They will always hide under the pretext that they need to do checking and warranty registration, hence need to break the seal which clearly says "please do not accept if seal is broken" label. And the fact that you accept it, you have waive your rights.
is all bullshit that you need to open the seal to register the phone. You will most like find that the phone already pre-registered even before the date of your order! Hence you lose some of the warranty coverage.