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Now you can own the TV that Hollywood professionals use

This post is brought to you by Panasonic.

The silver screen has pretty much become the epitome of production value. Big budgets, great cameras, talented operators and months of post production will certainly give Hollywood blockbusters a polish you won’t find in many other places.

That said, short of catching these epic flicks in the theatres, it can be quite difficult to get the full visual experience a feature film can bring. But it’s not impossible. In fact, it just got a whole lot easier because now you can actually buy the same TV that Hollywood professionals use as part of their work process. You can buy the Panasonic FZ1000 OLED TV.

Yup, Panasonic Malaysia has brought in their brand new 65-inch OLED television, the FZ1000, that has been tuned specifically for Hollywood’s professionals. This brand new 4K OLED TV is actually designed to produce true blacks for true colour reproduction.

And this is important for Hollywood professionals, especially when it comes to colour grading and colour correcting. This is basically the process when these digital colourists can take videos and adjust their contrast, brightness, darkness, hue and saturation, among others.

The goal with colour correction and grading is to deliver what the intent of the director and cinematographer was trying to convey with that particular shot. Therefore, it is crucial that they get a display or monitor that can accurately display these colours. Professional colourists have even said that with Panasonic’s new OLED TVs, they find themselves relying on professional monitors less and less to grade with because of how similar the much bigger Panasonic OLED TV looks.

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What’s more FZ1000 features Panasonic’s professional colour-processing Hexa Chroma Drive PRO technology for OLED TVs. Hexa Chroma Drive PRO will actually set the colour space in extremely fine brightness steps so you get accurate colour expressions at virtually any level of brightness. It is capable of 6-colour reproduction so the TV can give you more natural and beautiful colours.

Panasonic’s FZ1000 is also capable of displaying true contrast with HDR10+ support. This provides unprecedented image quality on all displays with automatically optimised brightness, colour and contrast for each scene. Additionally, the new OLED TV is capable of achieving absolute black levels thanks to a specialised filter that reduces reflections.

But being capable of producing professional Hollywood-grade image quality isn’t all the FZ1000 is good for — this TV is also a looker. The TV features a gorgeously seamless design with an ultra-thin screen so that this elegant piece of technology will fit beautifully into any room.

Oh, and that stand isn’t just a stand either. Besides looking good, the sleek front “foot” is also where Panasonic has put the FZ1000’s Dynamic Blade speaker. In that slim bar, Panasonic has managed to fit a wide array of tweeters, squawkers, woofers and quad passive radiators which can produce a remarkably high level of sound quality. Crucially, you get these powerful low tones that really go a long way in delivering an immersive — almost spectacular — audio experience.

What’s more, you can also hook up your smartphone or tablet to the FZ1000 via the Panasonic Bluetooth Audio Link so you can play your favourite tunes on the Dynamic Blade speakers.

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Now, if all of that sounds amazing, Panasonic’s brand new FZ1000 OLED TV will be available in Malaysia mid-July. Besides that, Panasonic also has the FZ950 series of OLED TVs that are available in 55” and 65” sizes too. Head on over to and pick out your brand new OLED TV.