Don’t worry about getting scammed when buying Samsung devices online anymore

If you’re tired of fretting about whether the online merchant you’re buying your Samsung product from is legit or not, Samsung Malaysia has got you covered.

At long last, the electronics giant has launched their very own online store that you can access by simply heading over to There, just select the product you want and hit “buy now”, choose your model and it will be added to your cart.

Sorry, I mean basket. In any case, it appears that right now you can only buy smartphones, tablets and wearables through the online store. Currently, you won’t be able to purchase consumer electronics from the online store yet and there’s no news on whether Samsung will extend support to those items for now.

That said, with the new Samsung Online Store, Samsung Malaysia has also launched an opening special promotion. If you buy a Samsung smartphone or tablet through the Samsung Online Store from the 5th to 31st of July 2018, Samsung will also give you a fast-charging 5,100 mAh battery pack worth RM249.

I’m glad Samsung finally has an official online store on their website that users can purchase phones, wearables and tablets from. Makes it much easier to direct people who are unfamiliar with the internet and/or online shopping to a location where there is zero chance of them getting scammed.

Sure, there have been official “stores” on marketplaces like Lazada, but it’s always more reassuring to send them directly to a site like the Samsung Online Store because sites like Lazada can get a little messy and confusing sometimes.

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Plus, free shipping is always nice.