Now you can get cashback for purchases on Airbnb with ShopBack

Yes, this is real. ShopBack now supports Airbnb so you can get cashback when you book trips and experiences through Airbnb.

ShopBack users who book trips through Airbnb can now gain RM15 in cashback for purchases of RM375 and above. It works a lot like it does with any other ShopBack purchase where you go to ShopBack.my and click on Airbnb. Right now, the listing isn’t on the front page, but you can search for it in the search bar above, or head directly to this link.

Once you’ve selected Airbnb, you can click on Activate Cashback and it will bring you to the Airbnb website. Keep in mind that ShopBack has to be the last link you clicked in order for you to get the cashback. If at anytime during the whole process you feel unsure, just head on back to ShopBack and click through again.

It’s also worth noting that this cashback deal is only available if you make purchases on the Airbnb website. App purchases and corporate/business bookings will not qualify for cashback. You also won’t get cashback for Experiences, Restaurants and Host fees.

For more information, head on over to ShopBack.my!