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OPPO Find X will have similar specs as the OnePlus 6 but will it bring anything new to the table?

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Before OPPO was known for its selfie-centric smartphones, the Chinese smartphone maker used to make impressive flagship devices with its Find series. The OPPO Find 7, for example, was the first commercial smartphone with a Quad HD display. On top of that, it came with an impressive VOOC charger that can do 0-75% charge in just 30 minutes.

After a four year hiatus, the Find series is back and OPPO has confirmed that their upcoming smartphone will be known as the Find X. Ahead of its launch next week, its processor, RAM and storage are now revealed in its latest teaser.

It’s no secret that OPPO and OnePlus are related, so it isn’t surprising that the Find X will be close to a OnePlus 6 in terms of hardware. As listed above, it will run on a top of the line Snapdragon 845 processor with 8GB of RAM and up to 256GB of storage. Following the current trend, the Find X will definitely come with a “FullView” display and it may come with a curved screen based on the teaser photo below. If OPPO wants to go all out, it might just come with an on-screen fingerprint sensor like the vivo X21. Until this point, it looks like another typical flagship smartphone.

For OPPO, the Find series has always been their best smartphone packed with the best tech possible. With the Find X, it’s likely that OPPO will feature some of its technological advancements that were shown at various tradeshows. Its proprietary VOOC charging feature has been around for several years now and it’s possible that the faster Super VOOC might make its commercial debut on this device. During MWC 2016, they have showcased a Super VOOC prototype device that can fully charge in just 15 minutes.

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The next possible feature is its dual-camera system that offers 5X Optical Zoom. Instead of having a fixed telephoto lens, it uses a periscope mechanism that’s similar to the original ASUS ZenFone Zoom. This allows lossless zoom up to 5X and the module is incredibly slim at 5.7mm. The phone to beat in this area would be the triple-camera Huawei P20 Pro that offers 3X Optical and 5X lossless hybrid zoom.

Last but not least, is OPPO’s 3D video calling feature over 5G. This enables real-time transmission of a 3D model of yourself using a structured-light 3D camera. Realistically, we don’t expect this to roll out anytime soon especially when 5G isn’t commercially deployed yet.

The OPPO Find X launch is taking place on 19 June in Paris. What other features do you expect to see in the upcoming Find X? Let us know in the comments below.

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4 Comments for OPPO Find X will have similar specs as the OnePlus 6 but will it bring anything new to the table?


If only pricing is not creeping up. Based on R series and OP6, it’s gonna be up there with the rest.


I want IP68 rated Oppo Find X


The price for sure gonna be more than 3k

For this price perhaps it’s better just to get a Samsung


I had the Find 7 previously. Then Oppo decided to make themselves cheap. Stereo speakers with some sound mods and IP68 would distinguish it from OP6. If not, what’s the point?