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This watch lets you check your blood pressure in 15 seconds

Most smartwatches these days are capable of tracking heart rate but unfortunately, you hardly find one that can track blood pressure. The most portable solution we’ve seen so far is Motorola’s Vital Moto Mod but it looks bulky and it only works with the Moto Z series.

Blood pressure monitoring is actually quite crucial as more than 40% of adults aged 25 years and older suffer from raised blood pressure. To tackle this health issue, ASUS has just introduced the VivoWatch BP. This is the world’s first health band with built-in blood pressure tracking.

In terms of design, it looks pretty basic with a small colour LCD display and a couple of sensors next to it. The watch has built-in ECG and PPG (electrocardiography and photoplethysmography) sensors to provide accurate real-time blood pressure measurements in just 15 seconds.

Compared to a typical wrist-worn blood pressure monitor, the VivoWatch BP is 70% smaller and 50% lighter. Apart from blood pressure, it can also track your heart rate, sleep quality, de-stress index and activity data.

Using ASUS’ HealthAI algorithm, the VivoWatch BP can provide recommendations based on your habits and it will help keep to track of your blood pressure. Your health data is managed via the ASUS Health Connect App and you have the option to share your data with your doctor or family members.

In terms of battery, a single charge is rated to last up to 28-days in normal operation. This is made possible with its power-efficient microcontroller unit (MCU) and high-reflective display. It also has IP67 dust water resistance and built-in GPS.

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The ASUS VivoWatch BP is priced at US$169 (about RM672) and ASUS plans to release the wearable device in Europe, Asia Pacific and Taiwan in Q3 2018.

Alexander Wong