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Celcom lets you rent an iPhone X at RM99/month

iPhone X Malaysia Rent Celcom

Celcom has just revamped its EasyPhone instalment program and they claim to offer the most flexible smartphone offering in Malaysia. Apart from having low monthly payments, Celcom is also giving you the option to rent a smartphone from as little as RM35/month.

On a typical EasyPhone program, it is basically a 24-month easy payment plan and you get to keep the device at the end of your tenure. Now they are giving you the extra option to upgrade at any time, which is what they had offered previously with Celcom NewPhone. Celcom has added that there’s no credit card required, so you don’t have to worry about locking down your card’s credit limit.

Since most users would change their smartphones every two years, Celcom is introducing a new rental option which is the first of its kind for a Malaysian telco.

The iPhone X on a normal EasyPhone plan costs RM137/month but you can rent it for RM99/month. This calculates to RM912 worth of savings across 24 months. Meanwhile, the iPhone 8 costs RM55/month to rent versus RM82/month to own.

You can also rent a Galaxy S9 at RM79/month, a Huawei P20 at RM52/month and vivo V9 at RM35/month. Obviously, the price difference would greater on a more expensive phone and you must get it with an applicable Celcom Mobile postpaid plan.

If you do change your mind, you can keep the device for a one-off fee. Celcom also encourages customers to add the optional Phone Care for a hassle-free swap or replacement if anything goes wrong. At the end of the rental period, the device must be returned in good condition and we are told that it’s still acceptable if it has normal wear and tear.

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The new EasyPhone will be available starting 1 June 2018 and they will share more details on their website later.

Alexander Wong