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Yonder Music is back with free unlimited music streaming

Two months ago, Celcom’s free unlimited music service partner, Yonder Music, was suspended without prior notice. It was a value add-on feature for Celcom postpaid and Xpax prepaid customers, where subscription is free and it won’t consume your monthly data quota if you stream music on your smartphone.

Now it appears that Yonder is back and it’s still free with no ads and no subscription fees required.

According to Yonder’s app listing, they currently have over 20 million songs and you can download them for offline listening. It isn’t clear if data usage for streaming is still zero rated on Celcom’s network as there’s no mention of Yonder on both their postpaid and prepaid pages.the At time of posting, the official website is still inaccessible.

Interestingly, it appears that Yonder is also accessible for free for non-Celcom users. You can start listening for free and there’s no registration required. If you want to try them out again, it’s available on the AppStore and Google Play.

Thanks @MasterNinja2345 for the tip!

Alexander Wong