You can now change your “car” on Google Maps

Posted:  May 22, 2018   By:    5 comments   

Google Maps change navigation icon

Google Maps has added a new nifty feature which might make your drive just a little bit interesting. Since Waze was acquired by Google, it isn’t surprising that some of its features will find their way into Google Maps.

Finally, you can swap the boring blue arrow during navigation for a red car, a green truck or a yellow SUV. Just tap on the blue arrow and you can view your options. Unfortunately, this feature is currently only available for iOS users and hopefully it might be introduced on Android soon.


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5 Comments for You can now change your “car” on Google Maps


All good changes come in may


Seriously y only for iOS ATM? Google Maps is owned by Google isn’t it where it should have made it to Android first.

Mohd fahrizal

Digi 4G

Mohd fahrizal

Mohd fahrizal

Google boy

Terrible car icon…runs off the road path and is too big at intersections. I missed many turns because of the oversized icon. How do I switch back to my beloved arrow icon?