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Maxis lets your whole family enjoy free data roaming with unlimited calls and SMS

maxis FamilyRoam data calls sms

A family that travels together stays together. If you’re traveling overseas, Maxis is now offering unlimited roaming for your entire family with its new Maxis FamilyRoam pass. Essentially, you only need to pay the cost of roaming for one person and all lines under your account will get to enjoy the same roaming perks for data, calls and SMS.

This FamilyRoam Pass is applicable for subscribers that are on MaxisONE Plan 98, 128, 158 and 188 (including MaxisONE Sabah/Sarawak Plans) and MaxisONE 4G Combo 148/198 that has MaxisONE Share lines under them. At RM38/day, this is similar to its current MaxisONE World but it’s now extended to your supplementary lines that are on the RM48/month MaxisONE Share.

Each line will get 500MB of roaming data as well as unlimited calls and SMS. Once your 500MB data is finished, you can still continue surfing at high-speed as subsequent usage will draw from your domestic data quota. The unlimited calls cover both incoming and outgoing calls via direct dialing or Roam 120 codes to any country. Just make sure you’re connected to Maxis’ preferred partner telco.

In terms of availability, it is only applicable in 9 countries at the moment, namely Brunei, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Laos, Cambodia, the Philippines, Vietnam and Myanmar. All pass expires at 11:59PM of the capital time of the country you’re in. To be considered as “part of the family”, the principal and supplementary lines must share the same DataPool under the MaxisONE postpaid.

To activate, just switch on data roaming on your phone and you’re good to go. There’s no manual activation process required. Anyone in the family can start roaming and it could be initiated by the principal line or one of its supplementary users. The RM38/day will be charged to the first person that activates.

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According to the FAQ, if the principal holder is currently on the RM1 roaming promo, the supplementary lines can still enjoy the FamilyPass at RM38/day (charged separately). It’s also possible for all supplementary lines to enjoy FamilyRoam even if the principal holder isn’t traveling with them but do note that one FamilyPass is only applicable for the same country. For more info, check out the Maxis FamilyRoam page.

Alexander Wong