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Maxis pays tribute to single parents this Mother’s and Father’s Day

It’s the time of the year again to give the best recognition to the 2 most wonderful person in our lives, our father and mother.

These superheroes work day in and day out to provide the best support for their family. It takes a team of two to provide the best to their family, and some might not have the same privilege to do so.

If parents are superheroes for the family, then single parents are ultimate superheroes. They are tasked to play both the roles as a breadwinner and as a caretaker for the family.

Embracing this celebration of appreciation towards these wonderful amazing superheroes, Maxis came up with an idea to give tributes and to honour all the single parents out there with its ONEder Parent Campaign.

Maxis is teaming up with Parents Without Partners (PWP), a non-profit organisation that focuses on supporting and empowering low-income single parents towards achieving financial independence by in this campaign.

PWP runs their fundraising campaign programmes by operating Jumble Station, a physical store that sells pre-loved donated goods ranging from books, toys and household items, garments and many more.

By taking the Jumble Station online through the Maxis’ eCommerce platform Maxis hopes that this will greatly increase the capacity in their fundraising programmes.

Maxis’ Brand and Partnerships head, Tai Kam Leong shares his concern and recognises the true struggles and challenges faced by the single parents. With a high percentage of almost 50% of Malaysian consumers do their shopping online on a monthly basis, Maxis believes that this step will further help empower more single parents that are in need.

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Furthermore, expanding the Jumbo Station to the online platform provides good exposure for some single parents that are selling their handcrafted items for the first time on the e-store.

And there’s more, Maxis’ volunteer team the MSquad will be taking part in the ONEder Parents campaign in helping to collect pre-loved donate items that will be sold on the Jumble Station e-store.

Find out more about how you can support this wonderful and noble cause here.