What phone did His Majesty Yang di-Pertuan Agong have in his pocket during Tun M swearing-in ceremony?

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DYMM Agong What Smartphone

During Tun Mahathir’s swearing-in ceremony as the 7th Prime Minister of Malaysia, you would probably notice a smartphone on the front pocket of His Majesty Yang di-Pertuan Agong. We are curious what smartphone does Tuanku use, and some of our readers have tried guessing as well.

Based on the responses, most people say it isn’t the iPhone and Tuanku is likely to use a Samsung flagship like the Galaxy S8 or S9 based on its curvature shape. We can’t really see the phone as Tuanku uses a folio type case as His Majesty’s choice of gadget protection.

Looking at the position of the earpiece, we believe this could be a 16:9 smartphone with thick bezels. Since the new flagships from Samsung have a thinner foreheads because of its larger Infinity display, the earpiece is now placed higher at the top. Below is a comparison of the earpiece placement on the Galaxy S9+, Note8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X:

Another factor to consider is the dimensions of the phone. Since it is impossible to get the exact width and height from a screen capture, we attempted to get the height to width ratio of the phone on photoshop. With a height and width of 224×115 pixels, the ratio is 1.95.

Below is the height x width ratio for the 4 flagship phones:

Galaxy S9 – 147.7mm x 68.7mm = 2.149
Galaxy S9+ – 158.1mm x 73.8mm = 2.142
Note8 – 162.5mm x 74.8mm = 2.172
iPhone 8 Plus – 158.4mm x 78.1mm = 2.028
iPhone X – 143.6mm x 70.9mm = 2.025

Based on the comparison above, we are inclined to believe that Tuanku could be using an iPhone 8 Plus. The earpiece is placed lower from the top edge and the height to width ratio of 2.028 is close to our estimated 1.95.

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Some commenters were quick to point out that there are no flip cases for the iPhone. This is not true as there are a number of flip case options available for the iPhone.

We wish to emphasise that this is just a guess and we could get this completely wrong. The above ratio is just an estimate and the casing may have a thicker padding which makes the phone look bigger than it seems. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

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83 Comments for What phone did His Majesty Yang di-Pertuan Agong have in his pocket during Tun M swearing-in ceremony?


Wah lame, put so much effort to find what phone he use…..


Ain’t nobody got time for that..
I don’t give a damn man…


Ini pasal you orang pun mau goreng kah!!! Tak ada benda lain boleh buat ke..!!! Bukannya cincin, bukannya belian. Sibuk buat apa tu…




Dalam poket bawah YDP guna nokia 3310

lee fuk king

Alexander Wong (blogger), please remove this post instant! it could cause nonsense debate among people!


It would be easier if you go ask him. I’m sure he will answer.


Nokia… daulat tuanku.. allahuakhbar… 🙂


i think it is better for u to think and care about your job and your family…rather than think about the phone

Fight for human right 4eva

Good article, you know the Agong right now is quite handsome too. It gives good impression on the phone as well.


I don’t get it. Kenapa org nak marah sgt?

What do you expect from “tech sites/pages” duhh

Bebal nak mampos. Bukak website dia semua cerita pasal phone, gadget, etc.

SoyaCincau.com is one of the most influential tech sites in Malaysia with a reputation of producing quality, unbiased content. The site is the definitive source in mobile and technology news and reviews”

Of course lah dia nak take part and kebetulan phone tu nampak masa upacara tu. Lagi pun, its just a guessing. Chill dah lah.


    i 2nd u bro


      I second him too.. So I third him ka? I’m here to find out what phone HM uses too… I was hoping for something unusual; you know, like OnePlus or Razer maybe. Hue hue hue..


Great light n easy way to reduce stress and smile a bit!
Bravo Soya Cincau. I m loving it and shared it already!


Very observant and analitical. Beside analising the main issue…why not analising this…terdetik juga dlm hati tengok hp dlm poket DYMM YDPA. Usually letak accessories.


Nice posting. I read it till end. Although this post seems pointless, but it prove that we are an analytical & critical society, needed for an advanced country.


I predict for the upcoming raya, you'll see a lot of smartphone lodged in the chest pocket.


ada ptanyaan dlm artikel tu..tp msih buat xphm n dungu…mmg isu kecik tp kalo refer pd psoalan tu mmg mnarik la..adakah model hp yg YDPA pkai ni mngikut folio yg telah d tetapkan..sdia mklum YDPA ni ktua negara..jika ada folio yg mnetapkan dlm pmilihan hp baginda tentu hp itu ada klebihan dlm protect data atau anti-hack dll..phm isu dlu..jgn macai sgt prangai tu..