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Twitter wants you to change your passwords now

twitter log password hashing issue

If you have a Twitter account, it’s highly recommended that you change your passwords as soon as possible. A bug on Twitter’s platform was just discovered and there’s a chance that it could put your account at risk.

According to Twitter, they have always masked passwords through a hashing process. Unfortunately, they just found out that there’s a bug whereby unmasked passwords were stored in an internal plain text log before the hashing process is completed. They have already fixed the problem and according to Twitter, there are no signs of breach or misuse by anyone.

While Twitter is confident that no passwords have left their system, they are still advising all users to change their passwords as a security precaution. If you’ve used the same password on other services, it is also recommended to change them as well. Twitter currently has more than 330 million users.

For safeguard your account, it is advisable to use a stronger password and to enable two-factor authentication. While you’re at it, it is also a good time to review apps that you have previously authorised to have access to your Twitter account.


Alexander Wong