Did Tun Mahathir say he will abolish Ride Sharing?

Posted:  April 30, 2018   By:    23 comments   

Earlier today, several mainstream media titles had reported that Tun Mahathir vows to put an end to ride sharing services in Malaysia. The report claimed that the opposition wants to abolish e-hailing applications and services if they win in the upcoming election.

Just hours after the news came out, Tun Mahathir has dismissed such reports as false. He clarified that he did mentioned the need to relook at the existing acts to ensure that the rights of both Grab and Taxi drivers are well taken care of.

At time of posting, TheStar and NST have retracted their news articles.

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23 Comments for Did Tun Mahathir say he will abolish Ride Sharing?


the editors did the smart thing by including Tun's fb post along with the article good work


#fakenews giler… NST and the Star really pushing it too far

BN Forever

Every idiot is complaining about the economy but at the same time flagship smartphones are fying off the shelves and Starbucks is always full. If you can believe Lim Kit Siang and Mahathir, then you can believe that Apple will make an Android phone soon.


    You have weak argument. They considered it at one time, and that will probably do it when the time comes and shareholders demand for it. https://www.extremetech.com/extreme/176250-apple-should-consider-building-an-android-phone-says-co-founder-steve-wozniak


    Janganlah kau mempersiasuikan nama BN kat sini… Apple nak buat android tak ada dalam manisfesto BN kita woi…

    Air suam

    How do you know all Starbucks customers are PH?

    You observe by spending all day breakfast, lunch, high tea, dinner, supper at Starbucks?


We must support BN, its the way and the life….
God sent PM …


    God sent my foot………………..don't pull God into the picture…………………because it is great Almighty. ………only greed breed people to be on the wrong path.


Hmm, I do like this website so I will offer my unsolicited opinion

Soyacincau should stick to latest technology news etc and avoid topics such as food and beverage or the standard SRP

S for s3x
R for religion
P for politics


    My opinion is maybe you shouldn’t comment if you are not contributing. They can write or avoid whatever they want if nobody read that is their problem not yours.


U-turn already.

Like the AP system lah. Dragged for so long because he wanted to please the cronies. This man is not fit to be PM.


Haha. The Star is Best Nation party propaganda machine in disguise. Only Trump doesnt know about this.



BN is suck


    Not entire BN suck bro… Only some..*haih*


      ur still dreaming!


Elections coming sure they jolok each other 1…others issues are minor but the satuMdebtberhad are the big troubles. Do u believes someone creating these messes still can be our menteri kewangan that’s the whole country financial falls in his hand??? Decides yourself.


The star n nst are guilty of oublishing fake news. Najib is guilty of forwarding fake news. Put them all in jail?


I support the fake news act because of abuses like this. As the law is just, I’m confident that these publication will get the punishment they deserved. Media must set the right example. If people cannot trust them then who can we trust?

    Fake news actor

    the main reason people not supporting the fake news act is not because they are takut pd bayang sdr. The main reason is the double standard or abuses in execution esp cases related to politics.


      You can make the same argument for every single law in the book. Just accept the fact that some people will abuse the law when they have the power, but that doesn’t mean that the law shouldn’t exist.


the stars spreading fake news, is it under jib kor ?


SoyaCincau, I feel that you should update your Headline to reflect the change to the news. This can be really misleading for those who did not bother to click on the link to read your article.


or rather…stop the monopoly by grab….service getting from bad to worse