Nokia’s new phone has a notch and it looks like a Huawei

About 4 years ago, the Nokia X was introduced and it was probably one of the worst Android smartphones at that time. It had a forked version of Android and it ran on mediocre hardware at a price that’s uncompetitive compared to other entry-level smartphones. Unsurprisingly, the entire Nokia X line was discontinued in less than 6 months.

The Nokia of today is completely different and they are finally making Android-powered smartphones with stock interface. Interestingly, the Finnish brand thinks now is a good time to revive the Nokia X lineup and the launch is expected to take place very soon in China. While the Nokia 7 Plus came with a 6″ 18:9 display, the new Nokia X will adopt a edge to edge screen that comes with a notch.

Ahead of its official launch, a couple of photos of the Nokia X had surfaced online. As you can see, it goes for a 19:9 display aspect ratio and like most phones from China, it comes with a notch. While the iPhone X was arguably the phone that started the trend, the Nokia X’s notch looks very similar to Huawei’s P20 series.

The new device carries the model number TA-109 but looking at the marketing materials, this would be called the Nokia X. According to rumours, this model is specifically called the Nokia X6 so we probably might see more models under the Nokia X lineup. Perhaps, Nokia X is their new series of notch phones but we are not sure if it’s pronounced as the Nokia Ten (like the iPhone X) or Nokia “Axe”.

Over at the back, it gets a centre aligned dual-camera with a rear-mounted fingerprint sensor in the middle. We don’t see any ZEISS branding so this could be a mid-range phone like the current Nokia 6. We still don’t know what hardware it packs inside but we are guessing that this might be a direct competitor to the Huawei P20 Lite.

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Over at the front, Nokia still manages to put their branding on the bottom chin of the phone. What do you think of this new Nokia device? Leave your comments in the section down below.

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Alexander Wong