Xiaomi Mi 6X: This will probably become the Mi A2 and it’s a big upgrade

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Xiaomi’s Mi 6X is finally official. During today’s launch event in Wuhan, China, the company spilled the beans on their brand new Mi device. Why should you care? Well, this phone is very likely going to be the upcoming successor to the Xiaomi Mi A1, which was one of the best budget phones of 2017.

Lets start things off with the specs. Keeping with the awesome trend of shrinking bezels and larger displays, the Xiaomi Mi 6X features a brand new 5.99″ Full HD+ IPS LCD display that pushes 2160×1080 pixels in an 18:9 aspect ratio.

Inside, it packs an upgraded Snapdragon 660 octa-core processor which features eight Kryo 260 cores (4+4) clocked up to 2.2GHz. With this processor, you’re getting a more capable Adreno 512 GPU as well, which should translate to better gaming performance too. The CPU is mated to either 4GB or 6GB of RAM with either 64GB or 128GB of internal storage.

Keeping the lights on is a 3,010 mAh battery which is slightly smaller than the 3,080 mAh cell in the original Mi A1/Mi 5X, so we’ll have to see how that impacts battery life overall. All of these internals are then wrapped up in a neat all-metal unibody that’s only 7.6mm thick. On the back of that slim body, you’ll find a fingerprint scanner, but the phone also has Face Unlock for those who prefer that.

What’s more, the smartphone will come with a USB Type-C port and will support Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 3.0 fast charging standard. With this, you can expect a 50% charge in 30 minutes. Unfortunately, however, the Xiaomi Mi 6X does not feature a 3.5mm headphone jack.

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For photographs, Xiaomi’s equipped the Mi 6X with a new dual camera setup at the back. Instead of a telephoto and wide angle combo, the Mi 6X comes with a 12MP + 20MP module with an f/1.75 aperture lens. The main sensor is a Sony IMX486 unit with 1.25-micron pixels while the secondary 20MP sensor is a Sony IMX376 sensor instead.

The camera retains its ability to shoot portrait-mode photos and also adds AI scene recognition that can recognise 25 different labels and up to 206 different scenes, calibrating your camera settings to take the “best” photo for that scene. In front, you’re getting an upgraded selfie camera, featuring a Sony IMX376 sensor, bumping megapixels to 20MP.

This phone will come in five colour variants — gold, black, red, blue and rose gold. Here’s the full Chinese pricing for each Xiaomi Mi 6X variant:

Mi 6X — 4GB RAM + 64GB storage — CNY1,599 (around RM990)
Mi 6X — 6GB RAM + 64GB storage — CNY1,799 (around RM1,114)
Mi 6X — 6GB RAM + 128GB storage — CNY1,999 (around RM1,238)

Now that the China version has launched, the only question remaining is: Will we get a global version running stock Android to succeed the Mi A1?

From where we’re standing, it seems pretty likely. With how well-received the Mi A1 was, we doubt Xiaomi would give up this opportunity. I guess the real question would be what will they call it? What we understood when the Mi A1 launched was that A1 stood for Android One, so what will they call the successor? Mi A2? Mi A1 2? Mi A1 (2018)?

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Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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29 Comments for Xiaomi Mi 6X: This will probably become the Mi A2 and it’s a big upgrade


Is it still worth getting a redmi note 5


    Better go for Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1 then Redmi note 5. Redmi Note 5 has 1 year old processor SD625, where Asus has lastest SD636. It's battery capacity is 5000 Mah which is 20% more than RD note 5 which is 4000 Mah. I suggest wait for sometime maybe 1 month time, you will get better option of M1 A2 for 16K (expected to launch in May, June 2018 in India) or Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1 6GB with 64ROM for 15K.


      Rn5 uses 625?


      You're referring to the Redmi Note 5 for India which is the same as the Redmi 5 Plus for the rest of the world. The Redmi Note 5 for China and global markets are using Snapdragon 636. It's basically the same Redmi Note 5 Pro (India) with some tweaks for the camera.


I’m torn between this and RN5.. suggestion guys?


    Go for the Mix6 cos it has better processor and more importantly, better camera.

    The 3.5 mm headphone jack can be solved via an adaptor or new headphones


      But the battery tho… Hmm..


        With quick charge and sdg 660, i am pretty sure battery life is not a problem.


          Yap,mi series support Qcharge that’s y I upgrade from redmi series and the performance


          Bro, quick charge tends to shorten the battery life in real world use. Given a choice I would rather go for bigger battery with normal charging than quick charge with small battery. The hassle to carry a charger or power bank is another issue assuming you remember to charge up the powerbank also.


    ya dont learn all those mediocre kataks not willing to step forward but making a big fuss over the removal of 3.5mm HJ

    an adapter or new bluetooth headphone is the way to go


The Redmi Note 5 used the SD636 and not 625

“To recap, the Redmi Note 5 features a 5.99” Full HD+ display in an 18:9 aspect ratio and it runs on a newer 14nm Snapdragon 636 processor”


Sosej Kerang

Siomi lunch RN5 Pro – one mant later then kame this Mee6x. all siomi fan will go buy one. So sad to wait so sad rnggit iz week


The battery seems to be a bit underwhelming.


The battery is a deal breaker for me. After using Redmi Note 3’s 4,000mah, this 3,010mah is just…

Taipei ROG

Rip headphone jack.

Rip battery capacity.

Xiaomi gonna feel the heat from Asus with their zenfone max pro m1..

May the last phone standing.


After Lenovo P2 I can’t honesty say I can survive using 3000mah battery. That’s a major deal breaker. If it’s 4000mah I would jump in line to buy it.


Does this phone support Carrier Aggregation?


Soyacincau, are you sure rear primary camera sensor is IMX486? Isn’t that the secondary camera?


    It's a 12MP + 20MP dual camera setup. The 12MP (IMX486) is the primary camera which is used in normal lighting and outdoor use while the 20MP (IMX376) secondary camera is used during low light situations as it combines 4 pixels into a single larger pixel for better brightness.


      Is this similar to the Huawei P20 with the so-called 40MP producing 10MP picture


Mi note 3 vs this? Which one is better

Aiman Falihin

For best price to performance ratio, go to redmi note 5/pro. And for who want sleek, elegant design and upgraded camera should go to this phone or wait for global version (android one).

Lack 3.5mm audio jack? Welcome to dongle mate.

Lo Lo L

Not sure if the battery is up to task for heavy user like me. I sure as hell can’t afford those flagship phone prices. Recommend me a current/new/upcoming phone that has strong battery life and good gaming performance for under 2000 ringgit.

    abdul goku

    honor view 10, search if has discount or wait for the discount..


Got the Mi A1 for my mom last year and it’s perfect for her usage. I guess Mi A2 isn’t good for the elderly coz of the missing headphone jack. They can’t be bothered to keep charging the Bluetooth headset or to keep the type C adapter for headphone jack. Stupid Xiaomi. Perhaps you should put the notch on the phone as well, Xiaomi. Go ahead and be like Apple all you want.


    Stupid user don’t said stupid Xiaomi. Why we always need to follow iPhone even the ugly notch? If Xiaomi to be like Apple, that is not a Xiaomi anymore. Go back and hug your Apple.


      Triggered. Some people just dont understand reverse psychology and sarcasm zzz


As a tech blog, you should know that A1 = Android One. I don't think that they should name it A2. They should name it something like A1-2, I know it sounds weird. 😀