There’s already a shameless ripoff of the Huawei P20 Pro

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Huawei P20 Pro is a one of a kind smartphone with a triple-camera setup. Barely a month since launch, there’s already a clone that’s made by smartphone maker LEAGOO. What’s more interesting is that it even comes in “Twilight”.

The device is called LEAGOO S10 and it also comes with a triple camera setup at the rear. Don’t expect any LEICA input on this one and the LED flash position is different as it’s placed between two of its main camera lens.

Looking at the front, it gets an Essential Phone-like notch which houses just the front camera. Instead of a fingerprint sensor on the bottom chin, the LEAGOO S10 comes with an under-display fingerprint sensor.

According to LEAGOO, the S10 will be running on either a Snapdragon 845 processor or a MediaTek Helio P60. The front gets a 6-inch display and it comes with either 6GB RAM + 128GB storage or 8GB RAM + 256GB storage. No pricing and availability details were mentioned but it will be revealed at the Hong Kong Global Sources Exhibition that’s happening on 18 April.

Apart from the S10, LEAGOO will be revealing other “notch” smartphones such as the S9 and S9 Pro. Both are running on a MediaTek processor and it comes with a longer iPhone-X-like notch.

UPDATE: LEAGOO has revealed more details of the S10 camera. It gets a 24MP + 16MP + 8MP triple-camera combo. If you look closely, there are two lines of text next to the camera that reads Smart Bokeh Camera Expert.

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31 Comments for There’s already a shameless ripoff of the Huawei P20 Pro


how come i dont see post with title like

'There's already a shameless ripoff of the iPhone x' when huawei p20 pro + asus zenfone 5 + vivo V9 + LG G7 + oneplus 6 released one a?

droidfks IQ already so low still want to play double standard? LEL

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    How old are u? Is Steve Jobs your daddy or something? Triggered all the time. Life’s miserable eh, so angry all the time, easily provoked. Take a chill pill, go get laid or whatever dude. You’re too stressed


      also totaly copy from apple
      android user level u
      no vision
      better u use old phone like nokia3310


    brain bobo meh?


    Well.. If you talking about “the notch” is a ripoff.. Then can u tell me which is the first phone to create the idea of using bezel less and which is using gesture? Sharp aquos crystal created the idea of bezel less and blackberry create the gesture.. So who rip who actually?

    Black Sheep

    It’s called trendsetters. Samsung set a trend with its infinity edge display on its S8 last year too, then many phone makers followed its design, soon everybody is got a infinity display or some kind.

    But iPhone X set the trend this time with its notch design.

    Honestly, everybody is copying everybody. Some just have better marketing gimmicks to cover up what they copied.


    yawn all these low IQ replies


      So what ? Depends on the specs and price and quality, the consumer should be wise to choose variety of phone of several brand. Gtfo droid vs iphone war. Only kids does that.


        pls delete your last sentence, u might offense 90% droidfks.


          Please delete ur comment or u might start a war….


          It’s “you might offend’ not “offense” dumbass. For someone calling others low iq you sure are stupid


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      mak kau punya puki


    apple doesnt need to sponsor articles about being copied, everyone knows koreans and chinese copy Apple

    , meanwhile, Huawei on the other hand, desperately wants to give the impression that their designs are copy worthy too…


    Call the pound. Swan escaped from the cage again.

    Tun Najib Ibrahim Lee

    S A V A G E AF!!!!


    and still u cant afford an iphone x huehuehue…


Essential Phone (PH-1 or PH-ONE).


Despite the fact that this is a ripoff, kudos to Leagoo for managing an under-display fingerprint scanner.


    this should be in headline as well

Future Holder

in 2020, iPhone is going to end up like a Nokia. no more advancement. the new era will come. bye2 my dear iPhone..


sue them, huawei. sue! sue! oops forgot they copy each other constantly. CASE CLOSED!


    Copycat sue original? LEL


Wow specs so canggih but brand name cannot la..who wanna spend over thousand buying cap ayam. Must sponsored some tv show or hire an singer/actress as ambassador to at least let people got heard of the brand first.


Well time changes and things keep moving. You all gotta look forward. There are many more things on this world to see and do. Arguing won’t get us anywhere since in the near future another kind of smartphones or iPhone would come out and we will all feel like we are being left behind.

Anba Krishnan

So much anger over a phone.. That keeps rolling out every day…

Why all the anger over the comments or are there more serious issues in your sad life..

Have a whisky and Smokes people!!



All mobile phone just wan your money!

Used to be apple fan

Perghhh… Wtf… Buy laa what u like.. But dont buy iphone…