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Apple Watch may finally get third-party watch faces

If you’re bored of the watch faces on your Apple Watch, there may be good news for you in the near future.

9to5Mac found a line of code in watchOS 4.3.1 which suggests that Apple could be opening up support for third-party watch faces for the Apple Watch.

The feature isn’t implemented yet but it definitely looks like something Apple has planned. We don’t know when this feature might show up but this is good news for those who are looking for a little more spice to their Apple Watch faces.

Developers have been wanting to create their own watch faces for quite some time now but as it stands now, only Apple can make watch faces. The main reason is apparently because they want to control the experience and branding of their wearable as much as possible — which makes sense. I’ve seen some weird (not in a good way) third-party watch faces on competing smartwatches that I think definitely change the feel of an otherwise classy smartwatch.

But, on the flip side, opening designing up to third-party developers could also give you swanky new watch faces so I guess the key thing here to maintain the experience is quality control. Then again, this feature could be dropped before it ever sees the light of day too so who knows.

Would you like third-party watch faces on your Apple Watch? Let me know in the comments below.