Huawei P20 review: The unbeatable little sibling |

Huawei P20 review: The unbeatable little sibling

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I almost couldn’t believe it when I saw the Huawei P20 Pro launch. A 40MP camera? Zoom, monochrome AND a regular wide-angle lens? It almost sounded like one of those “dream smartphone camera” lists that people like to make up, only it wasn’t. For the most part it was all real. Some might even call it the “most advanced camera module” ever put into a smartphone.

But this isn’t a review of that phone. This is a review of the phone that started out as an equal but, as time went on, slowly got left behind.

You can argue that Huawei’s P20 and P20 Pro is the company’s “coming of age” phone and you’d be able to make a very compelling point. In many ways, the company’s latest pair of flagship smartphones have catapulted Huawei to a position where you simply can’t ignore them anymore.

But to me, Huawei’s renaissance began with 2016’s P9. That was the beginning of Huawei’s dual-camera revolution. The start of the Chinese company’s shift to truly premium smartphone builds. It was the beginning of their partnership with Leica, one that has definitely proven itself considering how much their camera capabilities have improved since.

And it is because of that that it hurts me to see how much Huawei has put into differentiating the larger phone from the smaller one. Sure, when the P9 and P9 Plus launched, there were noticeable differences (notably the lack of stereo speakers and fast charging on the P9), but Huawei didn’t compromise on the core aspect of the P-series smartphone: Its camera.

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Then the P10 and P10 Plus come along and we saw some separation there. The P10 Plus had a faster f/1.8 aperture lens, but as far as image quality went, the difference was relatively minor.

Now? Now things are completely different. The P20 is missing an entire camera compared to the P20 Pro and that’s only the beginning of its differences with its bigger sibling. What happened to the love for the smaller phone?

That said, as much as I want to hate Huawei for how it feels like they abandoned the P20, I can’t. Throughout my time with the P20, it was really hard for me to fault the handset because Huawei gave the P20 something the company’s bigger rivals simply can’t compete with.

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14 Comments for Huawei P20 review: The unbeatable little sibling

Fruity Punch

The page one can totally skip…. entering page two now


So soyacincau, do you think p20pro camera performance is better than pixel 2 XL or s9plus?

swan still swan

pixel 2XL definitely a good phone. but without official launch in malaysia, so this model is out. 2k-3k price without official warranty, this make me hesitate.

for samsung s9 plus, also a good phone, i am so many years with samsung and i had tired with their UI. their new model just cant make me excitong.

recently change to huawei, wow, they did impress me a lot.

    Fruity Punch

    I still prefer Samsung ui. To me p20 pro ui is unpolished…


Not bad if price goes under rm2000 or else lite version will do, pro tak minat lah, besar and expensive.


no doubt on the hardware for Huawei flagships

, but unpure Android , with all those hidden background activities . that’s something to think seriously as smart consumers


    what is huawei’s hidden background activity, could u please elaborate more?


    Could elaborate more on the background activity, since u know so much about the phone… seriously

    Smart consumers?

    Haha, how about google, fb, apple, ms etc. Tell me which big US corp doesnt collect data?
    Or just because NSA FBI CIA are unable to gain backdoor on Huawei.

    If you are so smart to believe US politically motivated no evidence allegations,
    could that mean Huawei's European carriers partner Vodafone, Telefonica, Orange etc are stupid?


Leagoo aldy clone the design LOL

Old Man Longan

Agree with this review, this Huawei phones have great hardware but falls short in the software department.

Still can’t understand, why android phone manufacturers don’t just use pure android or if they want a bit of differentiation, just a few added features as stated in this review, ala OnePlus Oxygen OS. This way, they’ll avoid all these headache of modifying an already great OS (& most of the times slowdown android) , and avoiding the comments “I wish it has pure android with no bloatware”. They can then concentrate on building the best hardware.

Android One is a good initiative. Right now we only have Xiaomi A1. We don’t have Android One or Pure Android on a flagship level phones, not counting Pixel lah. I believe, which ever companies – Samsung, Huawei, LG, Xiaomi etc that come out with flagship phones with pure android would get a big advantage.


    pure android? pure android is shit. they have nothing.

    thanks to samsung, android now has multi window, s note etc.

    pure android is like a bicycle. only poor kid ask for pure android because it make their cheap phone go smooth.

    obviously bicycle is good in the alley compared to super bike, isnt it?


      totally agree with you. stock android is boring, no usable extra features or shortcuts that would make the experience more enjoyable. but probably that's what google intended, they created a basic os and let others modify it to their liking. the best one would be probably be oneplus.


Those Night Mode photos only brightened the scene…all the detail are washed out. My Mi5s + Google Camera HDR+ port wipe the floor with it anyday.