Huawei P10 review: A far less exciting sequel

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I loved last year’s Huawei P9. It was the type of device where its whole was greater than the sum of its parts. It meant that when the P10 came around, this new phone would have some pretty big shoes to fill. Huawei Malaysia certainly wasted no time bringing it in, but the question is: Should you buy one?

As usual, Huawei’s gone for two variants for the P10 — a small P10 and the bigger P10 Plus — along with a whole host of different features to separate the two devices. Last year, the smaller P9 captured my heart in a way the larger Plus variant simply didn’t.

This year though, with upgraded specs, a new camera system and a new-ish build, can the smaller P10 do the same?

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12 Comments for Huawei P10 review: A far less exciting sequel


In Huawei’s defense, both P9 and P10 were released in Europe for the same price. Truth is we somehow got it cheap here in Malaysia when the P9 was brought in at 2,099 last year. It was a pleasant surprise but I guess we’re not so lucky this year.


    hello, check your Forex this year vs last year.

    30% dropped ok?


Price aside, both the p10 and p10 plus are awesome devices. They have also launched them here with very reasonable prices compared to other regions. But when compared to mate 9 series I think it should be less competitive. However they need to watch this in light of the s8 launch. Overall, the p10 plus here with 128gb/6gb is a great option with the better rear camera, 2k display and bigger battery.


How’s the low light image quality? Previous itinerations from other sites complained about its low light capabilities…



    From what I've been reading, I'm afraid it's similar: It's not as good as other top end phones.
    S8 will make an even bigger gap in low light.

    Rory Lee

    Low light colour photos do leave a lot to be desired. I found image quality in low light to be similar to the Mate 9's (so you can check out my review there where I go more in depth into the camera's low light there). For me, its biggest prob is the colour rendition. But you have the dedicated monochrome mode which I think produces much more pleasing pictures (more detail too) in low light. Grain/noise is also more forgiving in monochrome because I think it adds to that old-school look.

davidletterboyz ·

The author mentioned about P10's camera vs OnePlus 3T. Actually if OP3's HQ mode is used instead of normal mode, the quality is very good. From my experience it almost rival S7 Edge camera in low light. IMHO it's still better than P10 which is very noisy in lowlight.

But I agree with this review's conclusion. P10, although is a good phone, should not ask for that kind of price. For a camera centric phone, a lot of work still needs to be done on low light performance.


With all phone so similar in terms of specs, there's nothing exciting except if they can introduce a model that has:

1. Dual front and triple back cameras
2. 16-core processors with 16GB RAM
3. 7" phone with 6K screen
4. Palm recognition
5. 10,000 mAh battery
6. 5mm thin and < 200g in weigh.
7. transparent glass bevel for true infinity

    Rory Lee

    I disagree. I think there are plenty of ways to innovate and make a phone feel special beyond ludicrous specs — a great example being the P9 which didn't have great specs but was still unique. It's all about whether companies are willing to do so or not.


      It’s difficult to sell “special” as this is very hard to advertise and to be compared side by side.

      Apple has been somehow doing this but constantly bashed for lack of innovation because it still doesn’t innovate to have a curved or 360 degree wrapped screen.

      I think Huawei better buck up before fast becoming another Fruit.


Indeed, Huawei has upped the game with “try your luck” kinda game.

See who gets the best performing P10.


looking to get a new phone these coming months. would you recommend p10 or p10+ if it was your daily driver? if not what phone would you recommend? hehehe