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Lenovo Legion Y920 review: It’s a dinosaur but not in a good way

Posted:  April 10, 2018   By:    2 comments   


In tech, it feels like everything that was once big will eventually become small. Stuff like phones, desktop towers, laptops, and display bezels have all shrunk significantly over the past few years. It’s all about getting more into less and last year, gaming laptops got a massive leg up in this space.

NVIDIA’s Max-Q design GPUs were created for the sole purpose of cramming the best graphical performance in the smallest form-factor possible — even in bodies that are as slim as 2cm thick. And that gave way to a rise in the number of super slim gaming laptops that, as we found out, were all pretty darn good.

So, if the slim ones are so good, why would you ever buy something as massive as Lenovo’s Legion Y920 gaming laptop?

I’ll be honest, I was a little perplexed too. I didn’t think for a second that the Legion Y920 would be able to pull someone like me from the Max-Q promise land. But I took it as an experiment, something to see how far we’ve progressed from the old gaming laptop stereotypes. And trust me, the Legion Y920 is very much an old gaming laptop stereotype.

It’s massive. Totally colossal. Absolutely enormous.

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2 Comments for Lenovo Legion Y920 review: It’s a dinosaur but not in a good way

PC Stone

Bought Lenovo X270 on 20/4/2018 via onlinve. On 2/5/2018 reached Sepang airport warehouse at UPS – with comment "An import license is missing and is required for clearance". So I have emailed to Lenovo, call to them at 180088 7148 and line always busy after 3x calling 7& left a message…and till now…no one call back.
Notebook already at warehouse for 2 days and still no updates from Lenovo..

Can I get a refund and cancel the whole purchase ?
FYI: the free $ 1 mouse & backpack bag arrived 2 days ago !


    any update
    can get back the laptop?