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Celcom is offering the Huawei P20 for free on its FIRST postpaid plans

Huawei P20 Malaysia Celcom

You can also get the Huawei P20 for free when you sign up with a Celcom postpaid contract. As you would expect, the free phone offer is applicable to its highest Celcom FIRST Platinum Plus plan that gives you 100GB of data at RM188/month.

There are a total of 4 plan options available that starts from RM98/month for 40GB of data (20GB weekday + 20GB weekend). Outright, the Huawei P20 officially retails for RM2,599, while the P20 Pro with triple-camera is going for RM3,299. On top of that, Celcom is also bundling a Huawei Bluetooth Sports earphone worth RM198 for free while stocks last.

Below is the bundled pricing (without GST) for the Huawei P20 and P20 Pro on Celcom. We have also included the required upfront payment.

Huawei P20
FIRST Gold Plus (RM98/month) – RM1,838 (Upfront: RM300)
FIRST Gold Supreme (RM128/month) – RM1,678 (Upfront: RM500)
FIRST Platinum (RM148/month) – RM1,538 (Upfront: RM600)
FIRST Platinum Plus (RM188/month) – RM0 (Upfront: RM1,500)

Huawei P20 Pro
FIRST Gold Plus (RM98/month) – RM2,408 (Upfront: RM300)
FIRST Gold Supreme (RM128/month) – RM2,258 (Upfront: RM500)
FIRST Platinum (RM148/month) – RM2,118 (Upfront: RM600)
FIRST Platinum Plus (RM188/month) – RM1,728 (Upfront: RM1,000)

All FIRST postpaid plans above come with unlimited calls and unlimited data for WhatsApp and WeChat. The plans have split quota for weekday and weekend except for FIRST Platinum Plus which has an all-day quota. As an added bonus, Celcom is providing extra data for Video Walla, which you can use to stream videos from popular platforms.

For more info for the standard contract, visit Celcom’s Huawei P20 and P20 Pro pages.

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Celcom EasyPhone

For those who don’t want to pay a lot of money upfront for the device, Celcom is also offering the P20 and P20 Pro on EasyPhone where you can pay by 24-month instalments on top of your current postpaid plan. Unlike the standard contract option, you can get a Huawei P20 on a more affordable Celcom FIRST Blue and FIRST Gold postpaid plans on EasyPhone.

The Huawei P20 is offered from as low as RM85/month on FIRST Platinum without the Device Protection add-on. For extra peace of mind, the Device Protection will cost you RM15-25 extra each month.

Take note that for new registration or existing customers that have been with Celcom for less than a year, you are required to pay 3 months instalment for an upfront payment. This upfront payment is waived for existing Celcom customers that have been with them for at least 12 months with good payment history.

You can learn more at Celcom’s EasyPhone page.

Alexander Wong