You can get more than RM1,000 in savings with these iPhone X and iPhone 8 bundle

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If you missed Machine’s RM1,000 discount offer for the iPhone X and iPhone 8, here comes another promo from Lazada Malaysia. Similar to Machines, this offer is only applicable to two models – the iPhone X 64GB and iPhone 8 256GB.

Instead of slashing RM1,000 off from the selling price, Lazada’s authorised Apple Store is throwing in more heavily discounted accessories which comes up to about RM1,200 worth of savings. It’s quite similar to its previous AirPods bundle promo.

iPhone X 64GB

The base iPhone X is now going for RM4,599 which is RM550 off from the recommended retail price.

But once you add-on the recommended combo of AirPods , Lighting Dock and iPhone X Silicone Case, the total amount that you’ll need to pay is RM5,146 which is RM3 less than the original price of a standalone iPhone X 64GB (RRP: RM5,149). In a nutshell, it’s like getting an iPhone X and you get RM1,190 worth of accessories for free.

iPhone 8 256GB

For the iPhone 8 256GB, Lazada is offering it at RM3,799 instead of its original price of RM4,399. However, if you add the AirPods, Lightning Dock and iPhone 8 Silicon case, the total comes up to RM4,346.10. This translates to RM1,222.90 worth of savings.

If you’re interested, you can check out Lazada’s iPhone X 64GB and iPhone 8 256GB pages.

These are official Apple Malaysia units and they come with Lazada’s 14-Day easy return policy.

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16 Comments for You can get more than RM1,000 in savings with these iPhone X and iPhone 8 bundle

Babi Hutan

Fanboy don’t need discount


More discounts will keep coming. IPHONE X and 8 are going to be in heavy competition with the new arrivals from MWC starting from S9 onwards.


should have thrown in the fast charger.


lol, can't achieve target then drop price like crazy.. that swan sheep must be waiting for this discount for so long bcos ptptn is not enough b4..


This is an indication galaxy s9+ will be crushing iPhone X sales in Malaysia at least until iPhone XI+ is released


    Regardless, the S9 still run Android, which some users don't really like. Some would rather use older and cheaper iPhones to avoid it.

    Price reduction is good for all, and if Apple lowers theirs or vice versa, other would have to do too. It's a win-win for all.

    Phones are so powerful now, and many don't feel the need to change frequently. Weaker sales across the board naturally.


      You claim of people moving from Android to iPhone is wrong and backwards. People actually switch out of iPhones as it has shit ton of "APPLE-IS-GOD-APPLE-IS-ONLY-PRODUCT-IN-THE-EARTH" bullshit and requires special "APPLE-GOD-SOFTWARE" to do a simple stupid thing like copying or downloading an MP3 from computer. Stupid ignorant fanboy!


Silicone case rm169, what the …??Even a simple screen protector at machines will charged u rm99..ungrateful greedy brand.


    Should we be cursing and slapping our Malaysia staffs who work for Machines or Switch and labelled them greedy too? Or mogok to ask them to cut their salary in 1/2 to make those deals cheaper for us?


Apple fanboys should stage mass protest. Unfair to loyal fans who queue overnight and paid full price for iPhone X and 8. Overnight they loss more than RM1000 because fruit is shxt scared of blue oval brand.

Use to be apple fan

Hahaha apple arrogant fan boy and girl got cheat and stab from behind… If they can discount until 1k. What in the hell the 1st place they sale super expensive..

Tipu punya olang

Use to be apple fan

Hahaha apple arrogant fan boy and girl got cheat and stab from behind… If they can discount until 1k. What in the hell the 1st place they sale super expensive..

Tipu punya olang


prefer to discount straight to 1100 without buy the extra over price expensive accessories.


Ramai stupid Android fan yang tak tahu apa2 pasal how Apple products sell in Malaysia suddenly making comment in this section.

Apple never lower the price of their new product like Iphone X. Go and visit Apple Store Malaysia. Still RM5149 for 64gb. Those sales you see are from third parties like Lazada or Seng Heng which need to clear their stocks fast – It has nothing to do with Apple. Apple sell to resellers/telcos, and then they them selves have to work on their own how to sell the product.

Point is, whatever discount you see, its not from Apple, but third party resellers. But you Android fanboys are just so ignorant and lazy to read. Same like those Iphone X billboard on highway. You think Apple pay for that? No, its telcos. You see telcos logo under the ad.

Lain kali tak tahu, tanya. Cakap macam orang tak belajar


    So you're an expert on how manufacturers sell their products huh? Nobody here is questioning why Apple doesn't reduce their pricing despite telco's doing the same. Stupid fanboys will get these so called "discounted" packages anyway while little do they know they're paying for a product which has what like 1 year shelf life before its outdated? Speaking of which, the almighty godlike iPhone X still hasn't got fast charging/Qi. Oh and you need a dongle to use a 3.5mm headset! LOL!!


    Are you delusional to think that Apple is not involved. No resellers would simply throw 20% off for a phone at the expense of their own profit margin. This is an Apple sanctioned discount. You think any Mercedes or BMW dealer can simply give 20% discount for their latest model? Confirm will be blacklisted.